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Poland: the threat of avian influenza is minimal

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  • Poland: the threat of avian influenza is minimal


    Google translation:

    Jażdżewski: the threat of avian influenza is minimal
    2009-04-03, last updated 2009-04-03 16:55

    The threat of avian influenza in Poland is currently minimal. Inspection is prepared for any occurrence of the disease - told PAP on Friday, Deputy Chief veterinarian Krzysztof Jażdżewski.

    Jażdżewski reminded that the Polish border in the vicinity there is no avian influenza in Europe, but the disease appears. Cases of it were, among others in Germany and France.

    He assured that if there is a threat of Veterinary Inspection will take appropriate action. He informed that veterinarians have the training on the disease, veterinary medicine is also experienced in the fight. According Jażdżewskiego, we can not determine when the threat of outbreaks of avian influenza in birds is greatest - the cases of the disease occur in summer and winter. He added that a few years ago, experts thought that the flu comes to Europe with przylotami birds.

    "The threat is constant, the smallest when there is warm, sunny and dry weather" - Jażdżewski said.

    Avian flu in Poland was between 1 and 22 December 2007, outbreaks in 10 provinces: Mazowieckie (in districts płockim and żuromińskim) and Warmia-Mazury (lidzbarskim in the districts, and Elbląskim ostr?dzkim). As a result of the disease, veterinary services closed down 939 thousand. birds and more than 3 million 950 thousand. eggs. The losses of poultry farmers in this respect has been assessed at more than 19 million ?.

    Previously, the disease has occurred in Poland since the autumn of 2005 to spring 2006 avian influenza was detected in several outbreaks, including in Torun, Bydgoszcz, woj and Świnoujście. Lubuskie. The virus was detected only in wild birds, there was no disease in domestic poultry.

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    Re: Poland: the threat of avian influenza is minimal


    Google translation:

    Veterinary surgeons uspokajają poultry breeders
    Avian influenza does not threaten us

    As a minimum assess the risk of veterinary inspection in Poland avian influenza. According to veterinarians, we should not worry about the increased risk due to the spring migration of birds, because the development of the disease more than the birds' migration favors rain and cool weather, and as long as the spring weather is sunny.

    Farmers are concerned that, because of spring arrivals of birds in the Polish is becoming increasingly real threat of avian influenza. Some wonder whether now prophylactically, do not close the birds in kurnikach even during the day.

    Veterinary surgeons uspokajają that there are still reasons for concern.
    Until recently ruled view, even among veterinarians that the migration of birds, especially those in spring, means an increase in the risk of avian influenza. Associated to the fact that for millions of Polish birds when they arrive, which zimowały in warm countries and on the way may have been in contact with their sick kuzynami.

    This belief was confirmed by the observation that avian influenza is usually started from the finding of the disease in wild swan, ducks and geese. Then the virus opanowywał domestic fowl. This theory, however, was flawed, because it appeared that the outbreak of avian influenza has not been disclosed only in spring and autumn, but summer and winter, when the migration of birds has long ended.

    Also in Poland najgroźniejszy so far as to attack of avian influenza occurred in December 2007. At that time there were up to ten outbreaks of disease in the Mazowieckie (płocki districts and żuromiński) and Warmia-Mazury (elbląski districts, lidzbarski and ostr?dzki). As part of preventive veterinary services decided on by the breaking, then about one million chickens, turkeys and other birds were destroyed and nearly 4 million eggs. The losses suffered as a breeder, was estimated to be around 19-20 million zlotys. The effect of avian influenza was also a fall in prices of poultry meat in the country and reduction, fortunately temporary export. But now there is no indication that the disease again attacked Poland.

    - The threat of avian influenza is minimal in Poland - Krzysztof Jażdżewski evaluate, Deputy Chief veterinarian. This assessment is mainly due to the fact that an outbreak of avian influenza has not occurred in the vicinity of any of our borders. Although several countries in the western part of the continent in the Balkans and found cases of disease of birds, but it is so far from the Polish, the bird flu przeniknięcie to us is unlikely.

    But Jażdżewski ensure that the veterinary services bagatelizują not the case and are prepared to run if necessary procedures to combat this disease. This applies, in principle, all district and provincial units.

    Veterinarians also acknowledges that the biggest threat is the avian flu to chickens and other pet birds kept in small, home country. They are more exposed to contact with infected wild birds and their droppings, which, together with the feed may enter into a healthy bird. In large farms, as a rule, birds are still closed and there may be a source of germs roznoszenia usually be a man (such as virus moves to the clothes, shoes).
    Krzysztof Losz