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Italy, Tuscany - Low Pathogenic H5 Avian Flu in Backyard Flock in Arezzo

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  • Italy, Tuscany - Low Pathogenic H5 Avian Flu in Backyard Flock in Arezzo

    Arezzo is in Tuscany


    Arrives in Arezzo influence aviara, identified a hearth in a herd in the municipal

    According to the local health authorities, however, there is no danger to humans

    Arezzo, January 28, 2015 - Arrives in Arezzo infulenza the avian. E 'was found, in fact, an outbreak of avian influenza in a small private farm. Tests that the veterinary service of ASL8 performs routinely in poultry have, in this case, was successful in eight of 10 animals taken to sample .

    This is an amateur breeding of ducks held outdoors near a pond in company added. Animals not intended for human consumption, and which have never been transferred in this period of their seats. Probable source of infection, a contact with migratory wild birds, one of the most common and recently also found in herds of Belgium, Holland and Germany. Contact with animals carrying the virus is almost certainly occurred very recently as the same farm had been subjected to similar analysis last September, and were negative.

    The Istituto Sperimentale delle Venezie, Section of Padua, which serves as a national reference center forthis disease, confirmed that the infection was caused by an influenza virus type A H5 low pathogenic.Given the characteristics of the virus isolated n here is no particular risk for a man, or, but, as known, the possible recombination with other viruses, even of different species, may always represent a potential hazard for the selection of viral populations that can subsequently infect humans.

    For this Therefore, as required by law, the services of a veterinary ASL8 have carried out the necessary works of disinfection of having extinguished the outbreak with the killing of 80 ducks with specific certified procedures that take account of animal welfare.
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