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Bohemia: one year later

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  • Bohemia: one year later


    Google translation:

    Bird flu in the east Bohemia. Year after

    East Bohemia - On Friday expire exactly year from the largest outbreak of farmyard poultry in modern Czech history. Udeřila the Ústí nad Orlicí

    20.6.2008 10:35

    Twenty-June 2007, runs Tisová village in Litomysl upside down. Veterinarians confirmed blackest concerns: mysterious 1800 death turkeys to the local farm responsible for the dangerous H5N1 bird flu virus, portable and to humans. It was the sixteenth case of bird flu in the Czech Republic, but so far the only objevoval Swans.

    And after a few days, when it appeared that the risk of further infection is zažehnáno, appeared again. Bird flu eventually hit four farms in the vicinity.
    Farm but nezkrachovaly and resume farming, poultry vybitou for money received and the small farmers and villages in the epidemic may even earn. They slíbenou repair broken roads, the veterinarians controlled genocide damaging heavy military equipment.

    "Today we no longer on avian influenza, or people nevzpomenou. And the team coped with the total quickly. We are awaiting only the money for the repair of roads, "said Stanislav Kuthan, Mayor Zálší, which falls under the contested Nořín.

    "Money to get the road perhaps in nebližší time they are approved. It is half a million crowns, it is for us a lot, "přisvědčil Paul Elias, Mayor Czech Heřmanic.

    To date, only a valid health measure - an obligation to report changes in the health status of breeding poultry. "All the other was withdrawn in early August. Only source of the outbreak failed to find, "said Radek Axmann from the Regional Veterinary Administration in Pardubice. According to the information Daily, however, quite clear there is a suspicion. But its publication would have been unnecessarily damaged the farm.

    And one more thing for the past year has become. The mayors of municipalities received a week ago, finally, into the hands of a new manual on how to behave in crisis scenarios. As has been shown, the old manual was full of uncertainties.