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Bird Flu exercise held in Belarus

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  • Bird Flu exercise held in Belarus

    Large-scale exercises in the MOE Berestovitsa region will be completed on February 19
    February 18, 2010 "Society

    Large-scale exercises Emergency services are held in the Grodno region Berestovitsa region from 17 to 19 February. BelTA was informed the chief specialist of the center of propaganda and training of regional management MOE Alexander Sutko.

    The exercise is expected to work out the situation the organization of protection of population and territories Berestovitsa area of emergency peacetime and wartime. In addition to the teachings of the MOE will be involved in district health, transportation, utilities, engineering and technical services, as well as the communications, public safety, trade and supply, energy, etc.

    In a scenario exercise for three days in the area Berestovitsa happens, a series of disasters and emergencies. First, as a result of storms and squally winds remain without electricity 10 locations, fallen trees block roads, will require restoration of the roof 45 houses and 6 farms.

    Then, theoretically there Berestovitsy fire at the substation, which will remain without power 20 homes, hospital, hotels and 8 dairy farms.

    Participants will reach their teachings and evolving threat of flooding villages Yarmolich with the evacuation of local population, the organization of medical and other essential services for victims.

    In addition, the planned theoretical and practical operation to rescue the victims of the explosion of gas cylinder with a collapse of an apartment house, in outbreaks of anthrax in dairy farm and bird flu Berestovitsy farm, pouring mercury on the school facility to eliminate the effects of radioactive contamination after accident at the Ignalina NPP, the escalation of military-political situation and actions of saboteurs, as well as the collision of two road tankers carrying petroleum products and hydrochloric acid.