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Samples of exported turkey from Lithuania test positive for bird flu

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  • Samples of exported turkey from Lithuania test positive for bird flu


    They sold turkeys for Christmas that had bird flu!
    New Food Safety
    3 hours ago

    Seven countries have been notified by the European Rapid Alert System for Food RASFF, of turkeys originating in Lithuania in which the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1) has been detected.

    The bird flu virus (H5N1) was detected on 12-18-2023 by molecular method (PCR) in 12 samples and on 12-19-2023 in 7 samples. As stated in the warning, these are whole turkeys, parts and products containing poultry infected with the virus. The countries that imported and were informed by RASFF are Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom.

    Avian influenza is a disease of birds that particularly affects domestic poultry such as chickens, turkeys and ducks. Bird flu is not a foodborne illness, which means that consumers will not get sick from eating properly cooked poultry. But in case a herd tests positive, it should not enter the food chain.

    The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, ECDC, has linked bird flu to unexplained neurological illnesses in humans. While all three UN agencies warned that the continued rise in bird flu cases worldwide raised concerns that the virus may have adapted to infect humans more easily. WHO guidelines have made it clear that it is safe to eat well-cooked poultry and birds, even if they are infected with bird flu. The bird flu virus is sensitive to heat and cooking poultry thoroughly will kill the virus. It has been found that if all parts of the food reach 70 degrees Celsius, the virus will be killed.‚Äč