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Switzerland - Swan infected with bird flu H5N6 on Lake Biel

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  • Switzerland - Swan infected with bird flu H5N6 on Lake Biel

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    A case of bird flu detected on Lake Biel

    Bern, 28.12.2017 - A swan was found sick before Christmas, on the shores of Lake Biel, near Erlach (Cerlier). Laboratory analysis revealed that this bird was infected with the H5N6 avian influenza virus. The investigations conducted by the FSVO and the cantonal veterinary authorities have shown no other case to date. No preventive measures are therefore envisaged at the moment.

    The H5N6 virus has also been detected in the Netherlands. It has been shown that this was a mutation of the H5N8 virus that crossed Europe last winter. This type of H5N6 virus detected in Europe is not related to the H5N6 virus circulating in Asia. The latter has the possibility of transmitting itself to the human being, whereas there is no known index of such a transmission for the European type.

    Reminder: the few cases detected this summer on our lakes (see press release of August 15, 2017) show that the bird flu virus remained in Switzerland in wild birds. Vigilance therefore remains in place. Holders of domestic poultry must report to the veterinarian all cases of suspicious death. People who discover corpses of birds are advised not to touch them and inform the nearest police station or guard.

    Address for sending questions

    Federal Office for Food Security and
    veterinary affairs (OSAV)
    Media Service
    Such. 058 463 78 98
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