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France: 1,500 excess deaths due to heatwave 2019

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  • France: 1,500 excess deaths due to heatwave 2019

    1,500 deaths related to the heat waves of this summer
    By AFP - Posted on 08/09/2019 at 13h55 - Updated 09/08/2019

    The heat waves of June and July resulted in fewer than 1,500 additional deaths in France, according to a report from the Ministry of Health, a level 10 times lower than the record recorded during the heat wave of 2003, despite even higher temperatures this year .

    Health Minister Agnès Buzyn announced the new Sunday: "We have 1,500 deaths recorded in more than the average of these months [June and July], so it is ten times less deaths than the heat wave of 2003" , she said in the program "Questions politiques" (France Inter / franceinfo / Le Monde).

    A count then specified in a statement issued by the Ministry of Health, reporting according to the calculations of Public Health France "1,435 deaths in excess, 567 in the first heat wave and 868 in the second, a relative excess mortality 9.1% "compared to normal.
    "Of these 1,500 more deaths, about half are people over 75, but there are also adults, even the youngest, who have been impacted," said Agnès Buzyn, referring to "a dozen deaths in the world of work".
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