State Media

21 SEP, 05:45

Partial mobilization applies to reservists with military experience, specialty

University students and conscripts will enjoy exemption


How will the mobilization proceed?

- Partial mobilization in accordance with the presidential decree begins on September 21. No date of its termination is set.

- The number of draftees and the terms of draft from each specific region will be determined by the Defense Ministry. Their senior officials will be responsible for the appropriate arrangements.

- Due to partial mobilization the routine crash courses for reservists will be canceled.

- Conscription will not be instant, but proceed but according to a plan. Shoigu stressed that there would be "nothing like a ‘wide-cut harvester approach’ to the issue."

- All those mobilized will undergo additional training before being sent to the zone of the military operation.




Alternative view.....

16:36 The dormitories of Tomsk State University are being converted into "warning areas" for "partial" mobilization.
The photo was published by Velvet Street.