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Italy considers 'super green pass' and new rules that could see restrictions on unvaccinated

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  • Italy considers 'super green pass' and new rules that could see restrictions on unvaccinated

    Politicians in Italy are considering new Covid measures that could see restrictions on unvaccinated people.

    Prime minister Mario Draghi’s government is today discussing the details of a “super green pass” for the vaccinated, reports Bloomberg.

    The measures, which are being debated today, would reportedly only permit those with proof of vaccination to get into venues including cinemas and theatres. But it is understood tthe rules would still allow unvaccinated people to go to workplaces after testing negative.

    Governments across Europe are considering new restrictions as cases surge across the continent. Meanwhile, Austria is bringing back a full lockdown.

    Italy has also reduced the time people must wait before getting a booster dose of the vaccine from six months to five.

    It comes after last month Italy introduced a digital “green pass”, required for all workers, prompting protests.

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    Today is the day of the Super Green Pass. A few more hours, then the government measure to 'save Christmas' will have the definitive go-ahead in the Council of Ministers. The latest anti Covid measures are being worked on to stem the fourth wave of the pandemic. And the government chooses a hard line by deciding a squeeze on the No Vax already in the white zone and thus 'opening' recreational activities only to the vaccinated or cured, according to the German model. The rules in the red zone do not change, where travel restrictions and closures will be triggered for everyone (even if vaccinated). The 'super' passport, whose validity drops from 12 to 9 months, should enter into force on Monday 6 December, the date is not yet final, however.

    It was discussed during the control room, which lasted more than an hour, convened in the morning by Prime Minister Mario Draghi with the heads of delegation of the majority forces, in which the coordinator of the Cts Franco Locatelli and the president of the ISS Silvio also participate. Brusaferro. The CTS meets at 1pm and the CDM at Palazzo Chigi at 3.30pm.

    So: only the vaccinated and the recovered (according to the German model) will get the new strengthened Green Pass which complicates the life of No Vax. The swab will no longer be enough to go to cinemas, gyms, bars and restaurants. Among the measures under study, there is also the obligation to have a vaccination passport for tourists staying in hotels and the possible extension of the green card for passengers on medium-distance public transport: trains and regional buses.


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      Twenty towns in Italy's South Tyrol province face harsher COVID-19 restrictions from Wednesday (November 24) with an 8 pm curfew due to high infections and low vaccinations.

      On public transport, passengers must wear an FFP2 mask or equivalent.

      Italy has also tightened its green pass rules in an attempt to slow down the infection rate before the December holiday season.

      According to the new set of restrictions, trains can now be stopped in case any of the passengers appear to have COVID symptoms, while all taxi drivers are required to have a valid green pass, with the limit of two passengers seated in the back also becoming mandatory
      ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."