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Finland to vaccinate fur-farm animals against Covid-19

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  • Finland to vaccinate fur-farm animals against Covid-19

    Sources: Yle, Euractiv, Reuters

    30.9.2021 18:26 | updated 30.9.2021 18:26

    The Finnish Fur Breeders' Association will start vaccinating minks in the next few weeks.

    Finland is set to vaccinate fur production animals against Covid. The Finnish Breeders' Association (FIFUR) will be vaccinating minks against coronavirus in the coming weeks, after being granted a conditional license by the Finnish Food Authority.

    The vaccine covered by the license was developed by a research team at the University of Helsinki. In addition to the university's laboratories, the vaccine has been tested at a fur farm in Kannus, Central Ostrobothnia.

    FurcoVac is classed as an experimental vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 and has been granted a conditional license although it still lacks a trading license.

    The process of developing the vaccine has been challenging, with a tight schedule only adding to the pressure, according to Jussi Peura, the FIFUR project's research director. FurcoVac utilises the same raw materials that are needed to produce the vaccines used in humans.