The Xunta has informed the Ministry of Agriculture this Thursday of the registration of an outbreak of Covid-19 in a mink farm from the municipality of A Baña (A Coruña). This is the second case in Spain in a farm of these characteristics, after the one detected last June in a farm in the province of Teruel.

The outbreak was detected in application of the current surveillance protocols for this disease in this type of American mink farms in Spain, according to the Ministry of Rural Affairs.

The Xunta has reported that the farm remains immobilized and subject to surveillance and official control by the Official Veterinary Services of the Rural Environment Department after the detection of the focus in the controls carried out within the framework of the prevention plan in this type of farms.

In addition, the Xunta has reported that "in application of current legal regulations and with the ultimate objective of preserving public health, all the animals on the farm will be slaughtered , which has 3,100 minks (2,500 females and 600 males), as well as disinfection and outbreak control measures ".

A total of 25 active farms in Galicia

There are currently a total of 25 active mink farms in Galicia, with a census of 69,186 breeders. With these data, it has most of the business volume of the sector in the State since "three quarters" of the total farms are located in the Galician Community.