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Sweden: 2019 Tularemia

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  • Sweden: 2019 Tularemia


    Rabbit fever: What you need to know about the outbreak in Sweden
    The Local
    7 August 2019 10:47 CEST+02:00

    There have been several reported cases of tularemia or rabbit fever, known as 'harpest' in Sweden this summer, mostly in the north and centre of the country...

    ...A total of 33 people in the G?vleborg region have been affected by rabbit fever since the start of July, according to regional healthcare authorities. In most cases, the patients had been infected in the Ljusdal area, and one case related to a patient who became sick after cleaning out a barn.

    At least 12 people have been affected by rabbit fever in the Dalarna region alone, a doctor in communicable diseases told SVT Dalarna, and he said the figure was expected to increase.

    "It looks like there will be a lot of cases this year, more than last year," doctor Anders Lindblom said, adding: "Not everyone [who is affected by rabbit fever] seeks medical care and reports the illness."

    At least a further five people have confirmed cases of rabbit fever in Norrbotten too...

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    Rabbit fever: Hundreds infected as outbreak grows in Sweden
    Emma L?fgren
    12 August 2019
    16:01 CEST+02:00

    Swedish health authorities have warned an outbreak of rabbit fever is expected to grow, with hundreds of people affected so far.

    A total of 212 confirmed cases have been reported to The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkh?lsomyndigheten) so far this year, sharply increasing from late July onwards. That's twice as many as in a normal year.

    But Sweden has not yet seen the end of it, the authority warned on Monday.

    "Since the number of cases (of rabbit fever) is usually at its highest in September, the outbreak is expected to grow further...