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Italy - Treviso: Teacher with tuberculosis, nine sick at school

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  • Italy - Treviso: Teacher with tuberculosis, nine sick at school

    The tuberculosis bacterium has been hidden for almost thirty years. Located in the body of a teacher of an elementary school in Motta di Livenza, near Treviso. Last March 5 he revealed his ugliest face suddenly: the Usl of Treviso had to organize a task force and raise the alarm. In a few days, after the teacher and one of her students ended up in the hospital with cough and very high fever, seven other small patients and a second teacher fell ill one after the other, all of them suffering from an acute form of tuberculosis. To contain the epidemic, the Treviso Public Health and Hygiene Service carried out checks on nearly eight hundred people including students, teaching staff, parents and even the five tellers of the polling station who had followed the elections last year. The results of the checks (the so-called Mantoux test) were striking: ten tuberculosis patients and thirty-six contagion-positive people

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    Tuberculosis in Motta di Livenza, the doctor: "Illness never seen, it seems of the nineteenth century"

    ęBut he didn't imagine that it was something infectious, capable of infecting his students and not only. A tuberculosis never seen, with an imposing clinical picture reminiscent of those of the nineteenth century ", explains Dr. Sandro Cinquetti, director of the Hygiene and Public Health Service of Treviso who has followed the case since it exploded , in the first days of March, trying to cope with the epidemic. First one student, then two , then ten . In the end the doctors of the Usl from Treviso summed up and counted 36 infected subjects, of which 21 are classmates from the same class at the Motta di Livenza primary school. The class of the teacher. All positive results to the controls, to the so-called Mantoux test. Of these, nine developed the disease, although at a stage considered non-infectious.
    In isolation

    "They are another teacher and eight students, of whom 4 are currently in home isolation, not because they are at risk but to carry out examinations and check the treatment", specified Cinquetti.