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EGYPT - Health-emergence of tuberculosis in Greater Cairo and seven governorates

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  • EGYPT - Health-emergence of tuberculosis in Greater Cairo and seven governorates

    Hat-tip, UK-Bird!

    Google-translated from Arabic:

    Reports: Health-emergence of tuberculosis in Greater Cairo and seven governorates
    03 / 31 / 2007 12:06:00 PM

    Reports healthy spread of tuberculosis in the poor areas and slums nationwide Greater Cairo, in addition to Beheira, Kafr el-Sheikh and Beni Suef and Fayoum, Assiut, Sohag and Qena.

    Sources with the Ministry of Health: that the main problem faced by the competent authorities in the face of the disease was the weakness of the early detection of cases, pointing out that the rate of early detection of tuberculosis cases does not exceed 44% of the casualties, which makes it difficult to combat the disease, and increase rates of mortality.

    Experts attributed the treatment of respiratory infections and diseases, the reason for the spread of tuberculosis in an abrupt manner in Egypt, to the bad social conditions and the deterioration of the living conditions of citizens because of poverty.

    The Regional Director of WHO Eastern Mediterranean, Dr Hussein Algeria: The Organization lifted the slogan, pointing out that it is not a disease of the past, or a problem of the poor, not only the burden of combat only to the officials, because he appeared in a place meant the possibility of appearing in another place.

    He added in a statement to Egyptian today: that the lives of tuberculosis annually kill 2 million people, of whom 111 thousand in the region with a high rate of casualties, especially in Egypt, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

    On the other hand, rates of absenteeism among school students due to the illness [German measles], particularly in those spread by the disease, and arrived at 90% of the number of students schools and the New Valley, Giza, Cairo, which is run by the Ministry of Education.

    The Directorate of Health in Giza, granting pregnant teachers less than three months, leave to avoid contracting of the students who are infected.

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