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Drug Resistant TB goes Airborne

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  • Drug Resistant TB goes Airborne

    Drug Resistant TB goes Airborne
    Washington, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) Medical institutions throughout the world are drawing attention to the pandemic of drug resistant TB as any one is exposed to contagion for it easily spreads through the air.

    The August edition of the Journal of Infections talks of two mutating killer strains, "extensively drug-resistant" strain (EDR-TB) and "multi-drug resistant" strain (MDR-TB), setting annual TB death at 2 million people, mostly in Africa and south east Asia.

    EDR-TB affects those who stop treatment or remain unaware of their condition. It struck namely New York, California, Texas and Florida in the 90s.

    MDR-TB is almost impossible to cure because it overpowers the best first- and second-line TB drugs. South Africa reported 50 dead to EDR-TB and the US 74 since 1993.

    The US calls immigration TB's entry door with legal visitors since screenings are limited to immigrants and refugee visa applicants, leaving out millions of tourists and workers, among others.

    HIV-related TB that hit New York hospitals and prisons was controlled by stepping up education and improving health network coordination yet health officials complain that fund supplies do not meet increasing demands to fight the disease.