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French Man Dies From Rabies After Contracting Bat Lyssavirus

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  • French Man Dies From Rabies After Contracting Bat Lyssavirus


    French Man Dies From Rabies After Contracting Bat Virus
    Tiziana Celine Jan 09, 2021 11:15 PM EST

    A French guy has died of a rare infection of viral rabies. This is the first event of its type in France, says the Pasteur Institute.

    At Limoges, the sexagenarian had fallen to encephalitis, a brain disease of unexplained roots.

    The genetic study of post-mortem samples has contributed to a collaboration between the Parisian Necker Hospital and the Institut Pasteur to discover undocumented encephalitis causes. These tests revealed that he had acquired a bat-hosted lyssavirus, the European Bat Lyssavirus type 1 (EBLV-1).

    In Touch With the Bats That Were Nesting in His Attic

    It has been 35 years since the planet has witnessed the death of this kind. According to Laurent Dacheux, this situation is also the first case in mainland France.

    He claimed that there was a similar death in Russia in 1985. Two other fatalities involving chiropterologists involving another bat lyssavirus species, EBLV-2, were recorded in Finland in 1985 and one in Scotland in 2002,' he added. The patient who passed away in Limoges, Dacheux estimated, was apparently in touch with bats nesting in his attic.

    The researcher points out that in France, rabies has been formally eradicated since 2001. "The last case concerning non-flying animals referred to in France dates back to 1998."...