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DRC - North Kivu: 14 deaths from canine rabies in Walikale

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  • DRC - North Kivu: 14 deaths from canine rabies in Walikale

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    North Kivu: 14 deaths from dog rabies in Walikale

    Posted on Tue, 20/02/2018 - 10:54 | Edited on Tue, 20/02/2018 - 10:54

    Fourteen people have died from dog rabies and another 30 people have been bitten by rabid dogs since early 2018 in the Kibua health zone in the Ihana group of Walikale territory (North Kivu), the chief of this group, Mwami S?raphin Ngulu. According to him, about 100 dogs have already been shot by the population.

    Mwami S?raphin Ngulu reveals that some victims admitted to Kibua hospital are not treated:

    "There are now fourteen dead and more than thirty patients interned at Kibua Hospital and others are in foster care. So far, they are not treated. There is no vaccine: that's really the big problem. Fourteen dead and thirty sick who are in despair. It's terrible! "

    For now, only the provincial Minister of Agriculture sent a delegation to Kibua to vaccinate the dogs. " There is no point in treating the dogs and abandoning the population! Mwami Seraphin Ngulu said, calling on the authorities to take care of the sick.

    More than 100 dogs have already been killed by the inhabitants of this village, says the same source.

    " What is serious today is that the epidemic has already reached the health zone of Walikale, " he continued.

    The provincial Minister of Agriculture and Livestock could not be reached to speak on this issue.
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