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Taipei, An imported human case of rabies from Philippines (CDC, May 12 2013)

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  • Taipei, An imported human case of rabies from Philippines (CDC, May 12 2013)

    [Source: Taipei Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, full page: (LINK). Automatic translation from Chinese.]
    Taipei, An imported human case of rabies from Philippines

    Filipino worker in the Philippines were dog bites is not a doctor, to come to Taiwan to work after the onset of rabies, the Centers for Disease Control called for by the dog bites in a foreign country doctor-speed (2013-05-12)

    Centers for Disease Control announced the first case of imported rabies case, case for the 31-year-old Filipino male, to come to Taiwan for the first time on April 7 this year to work at a factory in the south.

    On 4 May onwards back pain, have subsequently nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, sore throat, fever, ataxia, confusion, and other symptoms, due to the rapid deterioration of the disease, and the emergence of multiple organ failure, the case is currently consciousness unclear, the intensive care unit at a hospital in southern ventilator and treated in isolation.

    Physician case right middle finger with two healing teeth bite marks found in the inspection process, suspected of having rabies, notification to the Centers for Disease Control.

    By the acquisition of the patient's saliva PCR nucleic acid testing and gene sequencing confirmed infected with rabies virus infection and the local popular in the Philippines viral gene sequence.

    Case by the health authorities confirm its investigation of the Philippine family members in the Philippines on March 10 has been bitten by a dog, did not seek medical attention until May 4 after the onset began in Taiwan for medical treatment.

    Patients identified for this year is the first case of imported rabies cases.

    Taiwan found cases of imported cases of human rabies cases in 2002 and 2012, respectively, are in mainland China suffered unvaccinated dog bites, and the incidence of. And Taiwan since 1959, not someone local disease For example, in January 1961 was no recurrence of such animal disease, Taiwan is still a small number of rabies in the world "non-infected" by local dogs, cats, animal bites, in principle, on does not have to be applied to beat people with rabies immune globulin or vaccine.

    Rabies is an acute encephalomyelitis caused by the rabies virus, the mortality rate of nearly 100%. Occurs mainly in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and other regions, among which India, China, the largest number of cases in Indonesia. Of the nearby Philippines epidemic was rampant, about 200 to 300 human rabies report, found that the imported cases were bitten by dogs in the Philippines and the incidence of Japan in recent years.

    Rabies incubation period of about 3 to 8 weeks, the early symptoms are fever, sore throat, chills, loss of appetite, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, coughing, headache or strange feeling, a few days later on the site of the bite phenomenon of excitement and fear and paralysis, difficulty swallowing, throat spasm and cause fear of water phenomenon (also known as hydrophobia), followed by mental confusion and convulsions, if not seek medical attention, patients often result in death due to respiratory paralysis.

    CDC abroad to rabies endemic area, may be considered for at least one month prior to departure, three to the international travel clinic at their own expense vaccinated against rabies, and take precautions to prevent cats, dogs, monkeys, bats and other animal bites, scratches.

    If rabies endemic area was the aforementioned animal bites, scratches, immediately wash the wound with soap and plenty of water for 15 minutes, then Betadine or 70% alcohol, and consult a doctor immediately accept people with rabies immunoglobulin wound infiltration neutralize the virus, continued in accordance with the process inoculated five vaccine (0,3,7,14,28 days after the bite vaccination) to induce protective antibodies, reduce the risk of disease.

    For the prevention of imported human rabies cases occurred, the CDC has purchased some of rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin, and in international vaccination commissioned hospital and Islands local health bureaus reserves, physician assessment, provided free of charge in a foreign country epidemic District dogs bite people or other warm-blooded animals to prevent the need of vaccination.

    Suffer animal bites people in the affected areas, in the repatriation of immigrants take the initiative to report to the international port and quarantine units to facilitate referral of rabies vaccination. Rabies virus infection in high risk groups (such as veterinarians, laboratory researchers, and access to the infected areas of the long-term resident tourists) if pre-exposure vaccination requirements, path to include the hospital inoculation of the vaccine at their own expense.

    Related information, please refer to the council the WWW ( ), or call people Outbreak Alert and Care Line 1922 may vary.