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Puno,Peru: Puno: A 13 dies after suffering his own pet bite

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  • Puno,Peru: Puno: A 13 dies after suffering his own pet bite
    Spanish-English translation

    Puno: A 13 dies after suffering his own pet bite
    Published on Friday 30 November 2012 at 07:40

    The Region of Puno, focus remains important for the spread of canine rabies. So far this year, two people died of the deadly canine rabies virus.

    From the health region, it was reported that all efforts and vaccination campaigns to control the disease is not enough because there are still areas that are not added to cope with the disease.

    In major cities like Puno and Juliaca have increased the presence of stray dogs and pets for sale at fairs have no control, people are often not adopted recommendations of the health sector.

    Municipalities Moreover, as in the case of Puno, still do not have control of the sale of pets, let alone eliminating stray dogs and the population is incredulous to the serious risk of getting rabies by a scratch by teeth of a dog suspected of rabies or bite your own pet or other animal.

    The first victim was an adult, a native of Macusani who was bitten by a stray dog ​​in the city of Juliaca causing death (September).

    On 23 November this year a girl died early (ALCT) 13-year-old native of Puno (Vallecito neighborhood), the worst is that your own pet is seven months that bit and transmitted the deadly virus, the pet was bought at the fair sabatina of Puno.

    For this reason, the head of the Regional Health Puno, Francisco José Irigoyen Arbieto implement ordered Sunday December 2, canine rabies vaccination every house in the neighborhood Vallecito Puno city and its surrounding neighborhoods like November 4, Llavini, Porteño, San Jose, Bellavista and Puno A conforming over 50 brigades vaccinators and installation of fixed vaccination posts in the city of Puno