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AU: Research to minimise Q fever outbreaks

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  • AU: Research to minimise Q fever outbreaks


    Research to minimise Q fever outbreaks
    2 hours 50 minutes ago

    The incidence of human cases of Q fever not associated with livestock is increasing in Victoria and Queensland ? and a new national study involving The University of Queensland has researchers wondering why.

    Q fever, an infectious disease which causes prolonged, debilitating illness, is transmitted to humans from goats, sheep, cattle and other animals.

    UQ?s School of Veterinary Science and Child Health Research Centre?s Dr Ricardo Soares Magalhaes said that a larger proportion of recent human cases were not associated with livestock and there is some evidence environmental contamination and wildlife might be involved.

    ?One theory is that intensification of animal production, dust storms and severe weather might be affecting airborne transmission of the disease from farms to surrounding communities,? Dr Magalhaes said.

    ?Human Q fever cases have traditionally been associated with livestock enterprises, so we are not sure what is going on.?

    UQ researchers will lead the investigation into the role of environmental contamination and airborne dispersion from farms...