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Philippines: 2012 polio cases- one confirmed in Zamboanga

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  • Philippines: 2012 polio cases- one confirmed in Zamboanga

    DOH reveals possible polio case in Zambo

    Saturday, 25 February 2012 11:36

    The Department of Health (DOH) IX revealed that they discovered a possible case of polio in the city. They said the suspected polio case might affect the country’s Polio Free status.

    DOH IX Regional Director, Dr. Aristides Tan said in an interview, “If it is confirmed that it's a wild polio virus, it will affect our polio free status. But if it is only a vaccine derived polio virus or weak and attenuated virus, there will be a sub-national mass immunization but it will not yet affect our Polio Free status.”

    However, Tan said, “Suspected pa el case. Australia Laboratory will still confirm what strain of virus caused the signs and symptoms of the suspected case.”

    He said the DOH is ready with the polio vaccines for the conduct of the massive immunization. The suspected polio case is a one-year-old child who belongs to a transient and highly mobile family. He said the child’s family is presently residing in Sta. Catalina. Records show that the child’s parents - a 23 year old housewife and a laborer husband, went to Sabah, Malaysia in 2008. The child was born on April 24, 2010 in a Malaysian jail through normal delivery. 15 days after birth, the family was deported to the Philippines and since then, the family had spent months transferring to various places in Basilan (Malamawi and Tipo-tipo) and Zamboanga (Talon-talon). The family transferred to Sta. Catalina on November 2011 and the house where they live is shared with two other families.
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    Re: Philippines: 2012 polio cases- one confirmed in Zamboanga


    CHO confirms polio case in one-year-old child
    Thursday, 08 March 2012 12:44

    The City Health Office (CHO) has confirmed that the earlier suspected case of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) where the patient is a one-year-old child who belongs to a transient and highly mobile family residing in Sta. Catalina, is in fact a polio case.

    City Health Officer, Dr. Rodel Agbulos said in an interview, “Last week, ya liega el findings. It was really polio, it was positive in the Philippines but when it was sent out to Australia, the result revealed that it is not the type of polio that can cause a lot of deficiency like paralysis, so it means that it is not the wild type of polio. The polio that was found positive on this case is the polio that we can find in the Oral Polio Vaccine...”