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Peru: outbreak of bubonic plague generates health alert

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  • Peru: outbreak of bubonic plague generates health alert

    Peru: outbreak of bubonic plague generates health alert


    The Regional Health Management in La Libertad confirmed that two adults and a child in Ascope province have been diagnosed with the disease.

    La Libertad Health Management declared green alert in all health facilities in the region, due to an epidemic outbreak of bubonic plague in the province of Ascope, located an hour from Trujillo . The alert was given as a preventive measure, after learning that two adults and a child had been infected with the disease last week.

    Fever, headaches and extreme exhaustion are some of the symptoms of the disease, said the manager of Health Freedom, Henry Rebaza Iparraguirre.

    He reported that in the province of Ascope local governments are doing cleaning, solid waste pickup, Pest control. "If we eliminate solid waste no rats, if there is no rat fleas, flea-free and not have to worry about the plague," said the correspondent of El Comercio, Luis Puell.

    In the wholesale market The Hermelinda, in Trujillo, still getting the public was detected despite a high number of rats and fleas that transmit the disease agents. For now, health authorities in the region also declared a health emergency in the supply center for 60 days to disinfect and desratizarlo, although the measure could be extended indefinitely.

    "If there is a case of plague in the city we will see ourselves obliged to declare a health emergency in the province," warned Rebaza.

    El Commercio

    Ascope province
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