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South Korea - Patients reportedly with "mysterious" respiratory illness - 28 fatalities reported - exposure to toxic humidifier chemicals confirmed

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    Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with "mysterious" pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers,88398

    Archive Number 20110511.1447
    Published Date 11-MAY-2011
    Subject PRO/EDR> Pulmonary fibrosis - South Korea: (Seoul) RFI

    ************************************************** ****************
    A ProMED-mail post
    ProMED-mail is a program of the
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date Wed 11 May 2011
    Source: Korea Joongang Daily [edited]

    A mystery virus that has infected 8 patients from different parts of
    the country claimed its 1st known victim yesterday morning [10 May
    2011] after a 36-year-old, 9-months pregnant woman died in a Seoul
    hospital of multiple organ failure triggered by pulmonary fibrosis and
    a stroke. The Korea Centers for Disease Control [KCDC] and Prevention
    said yesterday that the woman had received intensive care treatment in
    a general hospital in Seoul for a month before her death. Doctors
    managed to save the baby.

    According to the KCDC, the victim was one of the 8 patients in the
    hospital receiving treatment for various conditions suspected to be
    caused by the same unidentified virus. All patients initially received
    treatments at different clinics around the country, but were later
    transferred to the Seoul hospital to receive intensive care, the KCDC
    said. The patients were not infected at a single hospital, it said.

    7 of the 8 patients, including the victim, were pregnant or had
    recently given birth. One was an adult male in his 40s. One patient
    was treated and released on 4 May [2011], and another received a lung
    transplant after treatments failed.

    The KCDC said the 36-year-old victim visited a clinic on 8 Apr [2011]
    after showing severe cold- or flu-like symptoms. On 11 Apr [2011], she
    was rushed to the Seoul hospital. Despite the hospital's efforts,
    pulmonary fibrosis, or scarring of the lungs, developed rapidly. After
    suffering from cerebral hemorrhage, the patient died 7 a.m. yesterday
    [10 May 2011].

    As anxiety spreads over the mysterious disease, health authorities
    said they are trying to identify the virus. Other possibilities,
    including bacterial infections and other immunological diseases, are
    being investigated. Initial tests by the hospital discovered
    adenovirus and coronavirus, common cold causes, in 2 patients. But the
    KCDC said they may not be the cause of the pulmonary fibrosis. "So
    far, we have found viruses that are often discovered in common cold
    patients," said Yang Byeong-guk, head of infectious diseases at the
    KCDC. "What's important is to identify whether the pulmonary fibrosis
    is triggered by a new kind of virus or not."

    [Byline: Yim Seung-hye]

    Communicated by:
    J Michael Peat

    [A HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of South Korea can be
    accessed at <>.

    There is not enough information to suggest an etiological agent (or
    agents) responsible for these cases, nor is the basis provided for
    concluding that a virus is responsible. - Mod.TY]

    [Pulmonary fibrosis can be caused by many conditions including
    chronic inflammatory processes (sarcoidosis, Wegener's granulomatosis
    ), infections, environmental agents (asbestos, silica, exposure to
    certain gases), exposure to ionizing radiation (such as radiation
    therapy to treat tumors of the chest), chronic conditions (lupus,
    rheumatoid arthritis), and certain medications.

    In a condition known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, fibrosis of the
    lung can develop following a heightened immune reaction to inhaled
    organic dusts or occupational chemicals. This condition most often
    results from inhaling dust contaminated with bacterial, fungal, or
    animal products

    In some people, chronic pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis develop
    without an identifiable cause. Most of these people have a condition
    called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) that does not respond to
    medical therapy, while some of the other types of fibrosis, such as
    nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis (NSIP), may respond to immune
    suppressive therapy. (For further information see

    There is no direct evidence that a virus (or any other infectious
    agent) is responsible for the condition of the 8 patients in the Seoul
    hospital. They appear to have been referred from other clinics for
    treatment in the Seoul hospital, and most, but not all, are pregnant,
    or recently pregnant, women. The press report above suggests that the
    pulmonary fibrosis in these patients may have been a result of
    infection by an unidentified virus. Since only 2 common respiratory
    viruses (an adenovirus and a coronavirus) have been isolated from only
    2 of the 8 patients, this seems an unlikely prediction

    Further information on the outcome of the investigation currently
    being conducted by the KCDC is awaited. - Mod.CP]


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      Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

      Another rough translation, but the further suspicion that what killed the one woman may not be related to the other illnesses.

      Machine-translated from Korean

      Health authorities play an unidentified pneumonia .. 'tension' and citizens 'anxiety'

      (Suwon. Seongnam AP) Kim Kyung Tae. Giminyu. Yiwooseong recent unconfirmed press = 'viral pneumonia' while leaving the first death, Gyeonggi Province public health authorities and general hospitals are bracing.

      Centers for Disease Control says the cause of a mysterious lung disease, but the spurs to the problem of pulmonary fibrosis genetic testing for viruses would take 8 weeks eradicate the havoc caused to be placated until the civil unrest seems.

      In this respect, Gyeonggi Province, and the disease based on results of genetic testing at the headquarters organized actions to send down to the forefront because of mandates on local government until the government guidelines to measure their own position is difficult to establish.

      Focusing on a large hospital in Tokyo to strengthen monitoring, but even if there are to help patients in a U.S. public health measures currently the situation, let alone what's happening is not easy even.

      Front-line hospitals 'viral pneumonia' patients and found no disease, reporting directly to Headquarters reported because it does not include front-line public health status is difficult to determine what is the description of the health authorities.

      The official said, "Centers for Disease Control came out of yet nothing matters related measures. In this case, the disease control at the headquarters of the Gyeonggi Province itself, there is nothing you can do," he said.

      He added: "General Hospital also monitor the results of a large headquarters jikbohanda disease. We're not going to tell you in the event of similar public health practice that is difficult to know," he said.

      Ajou University Hospital and St. Vincent's Hospital in Suwon, Bundang CHA General Hospital, the Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control and Tokyo have identified a large hospital than patients with similar symptoms have been found that the number of patients.

      But every hospital ventilator. Internal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, focused on cold. Pneumonia patients and suspicion that the patient is watching.

      Per day for children of 4 people in a hospital being treated for pneumonia, 3 others hospitalized with symptoms of viral pneumonia, but the problem was not related to the hospital was confirmed.

      Mother or with young children with weakened immune systems are concerned citizens.

      Experts in this field than women who are similar in degradation of the immune system of pneumonia cases undetected been postponed points and different positions of the respiratory disease, but it seems it has been made identifying the exact cause is not.

      Exhaust day three, the son of Pediatrics, found a cold mistress Kim (32. W. Seongnam) "The immune system is weak 'in case' and went to the hospital early in the morning, nowadays a 'throat' was diagnosed," said Nolan chest was astonished.

      S of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Suwon. Pediatrics parties 'viral pneumonia' day to prevent the spread of nurses in the delivery room to fit two people and pneumonia shots in preparation for outpatient injection-related measures to ensure that enough has not let up and relax.

      2011/05/11 15:22 Discovery


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        Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

        "Difficult to see from an unidentified pneumonia epidemic" (comprehensive)

        (AP) Kim Sang Hun, an unidentified reporter = health authorities view that there is a pandemic of pneumonia is difficult, most maternity patients a part of the women concerned, but concluded that section.

        Centers for Disease Control, 11 days in the last downtown of a large unidentified pneumonia patients admitted to the hospital 6 wherein a total of 20 kinds of specimens collected pathogen test results said the same had concluded.

        Test results from a patient 'adenovirus type 53' separated but the remaining five myeongegeseoneun some pathogens such as viruses and bacteria emerged.

        Two adenoviruses cause pneumonia, but the lungs of patients with hard and fast to create this disease is less direct relevance to the Centers for Disease Control explains.

        Eventually, the pathogen causing infections in patients has not been found, all of which differ from the residence of the patient, the patient further outbreaks in the vicinity, nor any other non-immune mothers who did not appear because of complications from pneumonia, similar to a particular pathogen by raised the possibility that the authorities are extremely low, it is the conclusion of that.

        However, the acute onset of this disease in the past, whether or emerging diseases such as interstitial pneumonia and a clear conclusion about whether you did not dispose.
        Managing Director of Infectious Disease yangbyeongguk a "highly contagious disease or if the patients come from around the infected persons, elderly with weakened immune systems than women at the same illness was not to come. Therefore, the pathogenicity of pneumonia or a very high level of health neurological problems to be not seem to be, "he said.

        Director of both the "existing disease in patients with pulmonary fibrosis patients with different and mainly because women have a specific focus on this area have been ongoing investigations" and "from the existing acute interstitial pneumonia has a similar viscosity, viscosity and other "he said.

        Forward to the Centers for Disease Control and adenovirus isolates by a genetic test to determine whether there are genetically modified, this virus induced lesions in animals and patients with amiodarone, consistent with the plans to check the map.

        But the basic problem as the test finished when the disease-causing potential 'hazard' of hospital staff and patients admitted in the course of individual treatment plans to haenagaget confirmed through in-depth interviews also added.


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          Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

          Apparently the testing ongoing is to sequence the adenovirus 53 that has been isolated from one patient and to determine whether it contains any mutations. It is still unclear whether this adenovirus is the cause of this whole outbreak.

          If the patients did not have contact with each other, and took ill over several weeks or more, there is no guarantee they were all infected by the same thing.

          Unidentified pneumonia, pathogens Inspection Questions and Answers>

          (AP) Kim Sang Hun, Centers for Disease Control press = 11 days and using samples from patients with pneumonia of unknown pathogen test results to the disease influenza is difficult to see that you have concluded that.

          The following test results were released today yangbyeongguk Centers for Disease Control Infectious Disease Q & A with Director of Administration.

          - 20 kinds of pathogens, there is no influenza test only conclude that if you can.

          ▲ 20 가지 pathogen prediction by examining all possible checks are carried out for bacterial viruses. There is no need to further examine. Virus is difficult to say at all that the average two weeks after the onset of sampling, a dalgaryangyi has been made in the past when there is a limit.

          - Got off to the conclusion that infectious.

          ▲ contagious to the other patients around occurs. However, in addition to the 8 patients were found in the other patients with a wide range of occurrence in the region did not materialize. Than women at the elderly and patients with weakened immune systems are also not to come. Thus, a very high infectivity or neurological health problems than the level is expected to be.

          - A medical doctor to check hazards as clinically sickle.

          ▲ The new disease, pneumonia was found in the debate was about whether. Among infectious diseases, we all like to get outside for an unspecified number of infections to the edification of the disease is managed. Until today, I have your attention, such as epidemiology and pathogens that were tested. More than one pathogen testing unnecessary in situations with individual patients is necessary to identify the characteristics. In the case of hospital inpatient hospital staff and decided to check hayeogeum We will actively support them.

          - What Is further testing to proceed.

          ▲ currently listed for adenovirus 53 DNA tests to check whether it is genetically modified. Injected into animals or cultured virus induced lesions, and these lesions in patients examined to determine whether a match will be held.

          - To the past, children had the onset of acute interstitial pneumonia compared with pneumonia and if this.

          ▲ If the patient's symptoms of pneumonia, wonder about how to proceed, such as X-rays and CT radiography imaging findings, pathologic findings of lung tissue and microbiological test results from diseases such as can be seen if they match. Reported in the past year when contrasted with pneumonia-related data and the other side has a similar side. However, acute interstitial pneumonia reported in the past because of the direct contrast to the literature remains a difficult Just for the record. Therefore, this issue should be identified through discussions with experts.

          2011/05/11 18:16 Discovery


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            Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers


            Disease Management Division: Pregnant women of unknown cause pneumonia is very unlikely epidemic

            2011-5-12 09:26

            Summary: May 11, disease management headquarters for the results of epidemiological surveys, that it is difficult to recently discovered between pregnant women with pneumonia as the epidemic of unexplained pneumonia.

            May 11, disease management headquarters for the results of epidemiological surveys, that it is difficult to recently discovered between pregnant women with pneumonia as the epidemic of unexplained pneumonia.

            Disease Control Division issued said, "currently showing symptoms of pneumonia patients in the implementation of the 6 pathogens because the results of examination, from one of the patients check out the 'Adenovirus (Adenovirus) 53', but in the remaining 5 patients who did not find any viruses or bacteria and other pathogens. "

            This check is mainly to observe the existence of the body in patients with influenza (influenza) and other 11 kinds of viruses and Legionella (Legionella), Streptococcus pneumoniae (Streptococcus pneumonia) and other 9 kinds of bacteria. Were found from one of the adenovirus is the respiratory organs, causing the common cold pathogens.

            Viral respiratory disease management headquarters Division, Kim Ki-Soon (voice) said, "adenovirus can lead to pneumonia, but it seems, and the lungs in patients with this disease, hardened little direct relevance."

            Infectious Disease Management Center Director Liang Bingguo said, "their place of residence were all different, the sky around the patient and no additional case of disease," "can not be that hard to believe that the cause of pneumonia is rapidly popular."


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              Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

              Apparently, this isn't as rare as originally indicated, as two previous such incidents were reported in the past four years.


              Meanwhile, the pregnant women as cases of pneumonia caught in the collective but an outbreak of pneumonia cases in children were revealed. 2006 March to June 2006 of 15 children suffering from acute interstitial pneumonia, fever, cough, cyanosis and was admitted, complaining. They at least 21 days up to 140 days (mean 30 days) was hospitalized seven of these patients died from respiratory failure (mortality 46.6&#37. In 2008 two primary hospitals nationwide for more than 23 children with acute interstitial pneumonia, the target status survey was conducted nationwide by the occurrence of the 78 patients, 36 died (mortality 46.2%) were found to be one.


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                Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                Apparently negative for Influenza A and for SARS.


                Centers for Disease Control, "swine lung disease, infection, low likelihood"
                기사본문 Article body
                SNS댓글 0 SNS Comments 0
                입력: 2011-05-11 17:14 / 수정: 2011-05-11 23:00 Enter: 2011-05-11 17:14 / Revision: 2011-05-11 23:00

                [Mingyeongja News] New lung disease is spreading due to the uncertainty of the CDC has started to rust.

                11 days for Disease Control recently senior Metropolitan General Hospital, where an acute interstitial pneumonia, admitted six counts for specimens collected from patients tested for a total of 20 kinds of pathogens (SARS corona virus, influenza A and 11 branches, nine kinds of bacteria) results, a gun-type 53 adenovirus (Adenovirus Type 53) were isolated and did not remove the remaining 5 said residual pathogens.

                Test detected adenovirus in 1 patient the cause of pneumonia, but geumbeon pregnant women have shown different disease patterns and directly with such diseases as relevance judgments less, Freund said.

                According to the Centers for Disease Control in Patients with this disease can cause infection by a pathogen was not found. In addition, all patients' residence, as well as different patients additional outbreaks in surrounding non-immune mothers were similar in that case let's not be found, such as occurs in infections by specific pathogens, the extremely low possibility announced.

                If you do not remove pathogens, drugs, or dietary supplements such as future mothers they can be exposed to the hazards of the factors that are necessary to determine the treatment the patient is responsible for this part of medical care in the individual said it would identify clinically .

                Meanwhile, the 10th [day?] novel of an unidentified pregnant woman suffering from lung disease, her mother (35) seed was known to have died of infections among the first, throughout the testimony from the suspected symptoms appeared itttareumyeo is engulfed in unrest.


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                  Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                  Translator is very crude here. I don't know if they are reporting additional deaths (and why mention of Tokyo - a mistranslation?), or dates. The mention of February and March seems to indicate an even earlier start and longer time frame for this outbreak.

                  Patient A is clearly the known fatality, and the article does not indicate another specific fatality. Patient B has been discharged, Patient C is recovering in hospital, and Patient D remains in the ICU. Patient D may be the one male patient, but the translator might be mashing the gender.


                  Chungbuk pregnant swine pneumonia spread fear

                  ” Symptoms similar to an unidentified seven hits Tokyo, three people died ... "difficult to see a pandemic"

                  데스크승인 2011.05.12 지면보기 | 3면 Approved 12/05/2011 desk view floor | 3 to 하성진 기자 | Haseongjin news |

                  Chungbuk, even 'unidentified viral pneumonia' has spread the fear. Last nondescript downtown pneumonia were admitted to large hospitals with symptoms of stroke death among pregnant women in Tokyo showing the same symptoms of the patients were three Masters.

                  11 days according to recent Centers for Disease Control and so nondescript downtown large hospital with pneumonia were admitted to the intensive care unit A (35 &#183; W) 10 am Mr. stroke symptoms were killed. A symptom was pregnant as she visited the hospital eight days last month, was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

                  . But hospitals have been taking medicines prescribed by the state side let's continue to worsen for the same month, 11 days after emergency admission to the ICU, but pulmonary fibrosis show progressed rapidly and eventually admitted to symptoms of stroke and passed away a month later.

                  . Mr. A is showing similar symptoms of the current patients, 7 patients, Chungbuk, and only three people, one person, Daejeon, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, Seoul myeongssikyida each one. Province of patient B (36 &#183; female), cough and shortness of breath, chest pain, hospital last month, 13 days in the hospital the last four days in ICU, was discharged.

                  C (34 &#183; W) Mr. causing coughing and shortness of breath can last from 6 to 10 days in intensive care were transferred to the general ward, male D (43) said last month in intensive care for a starting date for has been. Meanwhile, the central health authorities chungbukdo waiting for the results of the epidemiological studies in addition you may experience similar symptoms in the patients with daily monitoring has stepped into consideration. The official said, "Centers for Disease Control has investigated the direct results of epidemiological studies looked provinces are waiting for the situation according to the instructions," he said, "is infectious, whether common diseases is still without decision has been made to determine whether I caused additional focus on museum are, "he said.

                  Centers for Disease Control and unidentified pneumonia view that there is a pandemic, difficult patients before and after childbirth, most mothers worry about that part, but concluded that section.

                  Managing Director of Infectious Disease Center for Disease Control yangbyeongguk a "highly contagious disease or if the patients come from around the infected persons, elderly with weakened immune systems than women at the same illness was not to come. Therefore, the pathogenicity of pneumonia seems to have a high, "he said.

                  And the infection of ohmyeongdon Chairman (Professor, Seoul National University Medical School) "The patients came from different parts of 8 patients, two patients occurred from February to March when a concentrated point sources of income as the disease spread rapidly, it is hardly," he said.


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                    Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                    It is also worth pointing out that none of the above articles are from the last 48 hours; the story has gone silent for two days.


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                      Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                      This is also 3 days old, but explains the apparent extra deaths above; apparently a couple pregnant women died of pneumonia in February and March.


                      Experts "seem to be unknown whether the same case"

                      . (AP) Kim, Se reporter = Last nondescript downtown with pneumonia were admitted to large hospitals with symptoms of stroke since the death of the mother in the other general hospitals with similar symptoms during pregnancy and suffer death case after another, the claim is .

                      But medical experts to verify such claims difficult aspects of medical practices have the same view as there is little analysis, is offering a bunch.

                      A university hospital 11 days living in Seoul, according to B (29. Female), nine months pregnant last February its second show symptoms of cough and cold March 5 symptoms deteriorated after the birth of second child, A University Hospital General admission to the hospital but died five days last month.

                      2011.5.10 05/10/2011

                      Mr. B by Friday, March 10 A hospital general ward in the hospital after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, difficulty breathing became transferred to ICU after ten days of antibiotic treatment received various militant were killed in two weeks is not known.

                      After admission, the patient, following the onset of pneumonia symptoms were pyeseomyuhwa the lungs harden, and eventually died sonsangdwae both lungs and the heart is the description of the medical staff do.

                      Mr. B [Mrs. B?] is a survivor, "was the usual health and had been suffering chronic" and "birth in a local hospital before the two woljjeumeneun received a prescription for cold symptoms did not improve," he said.

                      "The doctors 'was the onset of pneumonia (inflammation) has spread to several organs,' he said" he "did not reveal an end to the cause of pneumonia," he said.

                      The hospital staff in line with the AP, "This patient has recently suffered from severe pneumonia, like the other 7 patients, pneumonia is initially healthy women ali, rapid pyeseomyuhwawa could not determine the cause of the disease are similar to point" he said.

                      . However, doctors "only after the initial diagnosis of pulmonary TB were hospitalized because of pneumonia, the final results appeared similar, although the same can not see the cause and progress," he explained.

                      Professor of Infectious Diseases, University Hospital of a "similar cases since the first deaths occurred, one after another, if the claim seems to be," said "We have more research is embedded yagetjiman domestic maternal infection and mortality in hospitals is not high compared to other countries, without well as the treatment is still largely do not need to fear, "he said


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                        Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                        Is this another one? Or another report of the original case?

                        I have to admit that these translations are about as bad as I have seen.


                        'Unidentified pneumonia death' claims survived

                        Health authorities in an unidentified patient died of pneumonia after the official announcement with a similar illness after another allegation that is dead.

                        12 days, according to the medical university hospital in Gyeonggi Province that were admitted to the intensive care unit, an aunt (52) April 29, Mr. 'unresolved pneumonia' was killed by the families of the claim was filed.

                        Last month, four days a patient with severe cold symptoms and found the hospital had received all the treatment, the symptoms lead to fibrosis of the lungs become hard and finally killed the captain of what was known survivors.

                        . Earlier in pregnancy 9 months after the last 11 On a university hospital in Seoul were in B (29. F) followed by pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, Mr. symptoms and died five days last month, said the claim was out.

                        . However, medical experts about this claim "medical verification by works, but view the same case is somewhat difficult," is offering an analysis.

                        Professor of internal medicine of a university hospital infections, "idiopathic interstitial pneumonia during the hospital treatment of acute lung disease, died suddenly in the paper through a case has been reported several times," said "Each one should be investigated but the cause of death occurred , should not lead us to a vague fear, "he said.

                        Health authorities also his advice 'unidentified pneumonia death' claims on the same probability between presenting an analysis is hard to find.

                        . Managing Director of CDC infectious yangbyeongguk a "commercially University Hospital from pneumonia in the ICU if death is not considered to be a rare phenomenon," and "just cause the onset of pregnancy as long as all possibilities are still left open myeonghwakji I will watching, "he said.


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                          Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                          machine translation -

                          Pregnant women flu rise to a "honeycomb lung" death trap, Seoul Hospital, fear the unknown virus
                          <"News article list2011-5-14 China Daily

                          Consolidated foreign media reports on May 12, Seoul, South Korea, a hospital caused by a virus appears strange suspected disease, seven patients have been produced or all pregnant women about to give birth and now has a woman was killed and six people are hospitalized treatment.
                            Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention through May 10 revealed that a 36-year-old, pregnant women have been the day of 9 months in the early morning death of a general hospital in Seoul. The deceased April 8 Zengyin sick to the hospital, was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. The three-day medication therapy is not effective, further deterioration of women's disease, was admitted to the ICU. The hospital into its line of premature surgery, so she received further treatment.
                            But in the delivery after the patient's pulmonary tuberculosis in a very short period of time to change for the pulmonary fibrosis , simultaneous cerebral hemorrhage symptoms and eventually death. The so-called pulmonary fibrosis is the proliferation of mesenchymal cells in the lung, a large amount of collagen and extracellular matrix, the normal structure of lung tissue is replaced by cystic cavity, to the late development of this disease will be presented throughout the honeycomb lung.

                            Even more alarmed that the hospital, the hospital's other six have been produced or the labor of pregnant women had the same symptoms.
                            South Korean officials said that at present no law sure that this is virus, but can determine the speed of its spread seems unhappy. Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention have been from the dead and six patients were extracted sample has not found cause of death unknown viruses. An official of the Centre, said: "sample DNA testing also need more time. We extracted samples from the dead is a common flu viruses like HIV, but we need better understanding of what led to pulmonary fibrosis. "
                            The official said, "it is necessary to clarify whether this is a new variant of the virus. We will conduct further tests to determine the cause of this woman's real cause of death, but also by analyzing the remaining patients, including food and living environment Other factors that determine the causes of these symptoms. "


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                            Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                            Picture of "honeycomb lung" phenomena:



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                              Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                              Description of lungs from an autopsy of A/H1N1 patient dated 2009:

                              "..That was the first thing -- so intense inflammation of the upper air passages. The lungs were heavy. They were about twice to three times as heavy (as normal). The left lung is normally less than the right because it has got two lobes and the right lung has got three lobes. And the left lung in this case weighed 630 grams and the right lung weighed 830 grams. The left lung is generally about 200-250 and the right about 350-400 or so. At least double normal for each.

                              All the organs in large people tend to be bigger anyway, particularly the liver and heart. The lungs not so much. Those weights are pathological of something, they are not standard weights.

                              There is supportive tissue in the lungs, but the bulk of lungs is air. And there shouldn’t be any bleeding into the tissue of the lungs, but what we were seeing was precisely that. We were seeing areas of what looked to be hemorrhage throughout both lungs, particularly in the lower lobes...."


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                                Re: South Korea - 8 patients reportedly with &quot;mysterious&quot; pneumonia - 7 are pregnant or recently delivered mothers

                                This is might not be the same hospital as the above incident, but there are two undiagnosed fatalities here. Of note here is also the detection of Mycoplasma bacteria, which do cause atypical pneumonia and can be difficult to detect.


                                Children two people died of acute respiratory distress

                                데스크승인 2011.05.16 지면보기 | 5면 Approved 16/05/2011 desk space View | 5 to 김일순 기자 | Gimilsun news |

                                Chungnam National University Hospital 15 days [as of the 15th], fever and patients without heart disease, 4 patients with pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome treated tribulations and wounded two others of these children was killed.

                                Professor of Pediatrics, Chungnam National University Hospital gilhongryang "These patients do not get a respirator to keep breathing therapy was extracorporeal membrane oxygenation but died without known causative organisms," he said. The remaining 2 patients, respectively, adenovirus, mycoplasma bacteria currently detected condition.

                                Professor Gil "This year, the high incidence of patients with short-term course of illness characterized by severe," he said.

                                김일순 기자 Gimilsun reporters