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Waco, Texas: Unidentified illness

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  • Waco, Texas: Unidentified illness

    Comment: The report below could have originated in India! I find it fascinating that the disease is reported to have "flu-like symptoms", but in the next line it would appear that the symptoms are completely different from flu.

    Mystery Illness

    Posted: Nov 08, 2012 5:51 PM EST
    Updated: Nov 08, 2012 5:51 PM EST
    By Tiffany Lundberg -

    (KCEN) It's being dubbed the mystery illness by many in Waco but It's not allergies or the flu.

    Dr. Tim Martindale of the Providence Family Medicine Clinic said, he's seeing several patients coming in his office with flu-like symptoms.

    "Flu symptoms come on suddenly and consist of a high fever, constant congestion and a cough that produces phlegm. So the difference between what we're seeing come in, is a lot of stomach problems and no fever."
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    Re: Waco, Texas: Unidentified illness

    Ive had something since last sunday and am wondering if it might be this condition. I really can comprehend the KCEN article beyond " its not the flu."
    My problems included a large component of what might be described as "stomach problems" particularly if they were manifest a bit higher in the alimentary system. I try not to get very far at all from the thundermug. I thought I might have eaten something tainted until the fever and chills kicked in. These seem to be pretty much over as do the muscle-joint discomfort that often accompany fever.
    Can anybody provide actual details/symptoms of this mystery illness?