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Nipah virus: a limited risk of epidemic in New Caledonia

By Elif KayiPubli? the 08.05.2015 | 11:35, updated on 08.05.2015 | 12:13

Hitherto unknown in New Caledonia, the Nipah virus has recently been detected in three bats of Forest Park. The virus may exist for several years on the Rock, but the risk of epidemic seems averted.

In midweek, three bats of Noumea Forest Park were detected positive for the Nipah virus. The animals were euthanized and the other eleven bats of the Park have been quarantined.

If the announcement caused a stir among the population - the Niaph being a virus transmissible to humans and potentially deadly - the risk that an outbreak is triggered on the Caillou seems averted.

"There is no risk of an epidemic in New Caledonia", however tempers Dr. Dominique Baudon, director of the Pasteur Institute in New Caledonia. The virus exists indeed perhaps for several years on bats without having been found so far.