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NJ: 2nd case of bacterial meningitis at Rutgers Univ.

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  • NJ: 2nd case of bacterial meningitis at Rutgers Univ.


    Student contracts case of meningitis at Rutgers
    1 hour ago Catherine Nguyen

    Rutgers Student Health encourages student or faculty members is to visit either their health provider or any of the health centers across all four campuses if they experience symptoms or concerns.

    The Rutgers community was alerted in an email yesterday afternoon of a student's diagnosis with bacterial meningitis.

    The student was hospitalized last Monday, but is currently receiving treatment and recovering, according to the email. A response is being coordinated by Rutgers Student Health along with local, regional and state health officials. Individuals who were in close contact with the student are also being notified so that they can receive antibiotics as a preventative control...

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    Email updates Rutgers about student meningitis case, recommends vaccinations
    11 hours ago Catherine Nguyen

    An email update last Friday informed the Rutgers community about further details regarding the student meningitis case, as well as vaccinations that could prevent against the disease.

    Last Wednesday, The Daily Targum reported that the student was hospitalized on Feb. 4, and was in recovery.

    After special tests were conducted, it was found that the bacteria that caused the meningococcal meningitis infection was part of serogroup B. As of when the email was sent, there were no additional cases of the disease associated with the University...


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      Second Rutgers University Student Diagnosed With Meningitis
      This is the second confirmed case at the New Brunswick campus this month, according to the school
      Published 1 minute ago

      A second student at the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis this month.

      The student, who was hospitalized on Feb. 23, is receiving treatment, the university announced Monday, adding that Rutgers Student Health Services is continuously monitoring the situation and is coordinating its response with local, state and regional health officials...


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        Rutgers urges meningitis type B shots for resident students
        Dan Alexander
        March 13, 2019

        NEW BRUNSWICK After two cases of meningitis were diagnosed on one of Rutgers' three campuses, the school is urging all undergraduates residing on and off campus and graduate students who live in undergrad resident halls get vaccinated against the type B strain.

        An outbreak was declared by the state Department of Health after the two cases were reported at the New Brunswick campus Feb. 4 and Feb. 23, according to a statement from the school. Both students were hospitalized after their cases were diagnosed, and then released. The school did not disclose if the cases were related...