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AU: 2019/2020 Meningococcal Disease

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  • AU: 2019/2020 Meningococcal Disease


    Meningococcal death sparks calls for vaccinations in the NT
    By Dijana Damjanovic and Emilie Gramenz
    Updated about 3 hours ago
    Key points:
    The woman died less than 24 hours after arriving at hospital
    Since August, all NT children have been offered free vaccinations
    There was a significant outbreak of the disease in Central Australia in 2017

    A woman in her 30s has died from meningococcal disease, the Northern Territory Centre for Disease Control (NTCDC) has confirmed.

    It is understood the woman died on January 1, less than 24 hours after she presented at Palmerston Hospital.

    The NTCDC said doctors had not been able to determine which strain of meningococcal the woman was infected with, but the most common seen in the NT is the W strain...

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    Woman, 101, dies after contracting meningococcal
    Yahoo7 News4 January 2019

    A 101-year-old woman has died after contracting the first case of meningococcal disease in South Australia this year.

    The woman, from rural South Australia, had come down with the W strain, The Advertiser reports.

    Twelve people who had been in contact with the elderly woman before she died have been given antibiotics as a precaution, SA Health confirmed...


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      Health Department confirms three adults hit by meningococcal
      January 6, 2019 11:51PM
      WA News

      Three more people have been struck down with W strain meningococcal disease, taking the number of cases reported in 2018 to 41.

      None of the three recent cases are believed to be linked and two of the three have been discharged from hospital.

      The cases continue a strong upward trend in W strain meningococcal disease in WA.

      In 2018, 41 meningococcal cases were notified in WA ? 30 W strain, eight B strain and three Y strain. This was down from 46 cases notified in 2017...


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        Perth: Child diagnosed with meningococcal
        January 25th, 2019, 04:43PMWritten by Staff Writer Western

        A young child has become the fourth person diagnosed with meningococcal disease in Western Australia in 2019.

        They are the first to be diagnosed with the serogroup B strain.

        The incidence of the disease decreased significantly in WA ? down from a peak of 86 cases in 2000 to a low of 16 cases in 2013, the WA Health Department says.

        But is now increasing again due to the emergence of new virulent strains of serogroup W, and to a lesser extent serogroup Y, meningococcal bacteria...


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          August 7 2019 - 5:00PM
          North-West Regional Hospital confirms 20-year-old man diagnosed with B-strain of meningococcal disease
          Sandy Powell

          A 20-year-old man has been diagnosed with meningococcal in the North-West Regional Hospital.

          Dr Mark Veitch, director of public health with the Tasmania Health Service, said the man is receiving treatment for the invasive disease.

          Dr Veitch said the health service is following up with the patient's close contacts who are being advised and managed in line with national guidelines...


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            Baby dies after being diagnosed with deadly meningococcal - as an adult suffering from the disease recovers in hospital

            A baby has died in Queensland after being diagnosed with meningococcal
            A Western Australian adult is recovering after being treated for meningococcal
            41 cases in WA last year, 34 in QLD in 2019, but experts say there is no outbreak

            By Aap and Tita Smith For Daily Mail Australia
            Published: 02:10 EDT, 24 August 2019 | Updated: 04:05 EDT, 24 August 2019

            A baby from Queensland has died from deadly meningococcal.

            They were one of three babies to be diagnosed over the past few weeks, which brings the state's total to 34 cases so far in 2019.

            Public health experts do not believe that the cases are separate and do not constitute an outbreak, The Courier Mail reported.

            It comes as a Western Australian adult recovers in hospital after they were also diagnosed with the disease.

            The adult is being treated for the B strain...


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              Adult diagnosed with meningococcal disease
              October 14th, 2019, 03:24PMWritten by Staff Writer Western Suburbs Weekly News

              AN adult is currently recovering after being diagnosed with meningococcal disease, the WA Department of Health announced today.

              The adult has been diagnosed with meningococcal serogroup Y disease, bringing the number of reported cases of the invasive disease to 19 this year.

              The Department of Health said of the 19 cases, six have been serogroup B, six serogroup W, five serogroup C and two serogroup Y meningococcal infections...


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                WA child recovering in hospital from meningococcal infection
                December 26, 2019 — 10.56am

                A West Australian child is recovering in hospital after being diagnosed with meningococcal serogroup W disease.

                In a statement released Thursday, the Department of Health said the child had attended Child Australia in Lockridge every day between December 16 and 20 and called on the centre's children and staff to remain alert for symptoms.

                Children and staff who attended the early learning centre between December 16 and 20 and who spent two full days or more in the kindy room, or were in contact with children in the kindy room for more than 20 hours, have been asked to visit the centre between 2pm and 4pm on Thursday to receive clearance antibiotics...


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                  Meningococcal death confirmed, taking WA toll to three in 2019
                  Pip Christmass
                  Monday, 30 December 2019 6:51 am

                  A West Australian adult has died from meningococcal disease in hospital, the third fatality in the state this year.

                  The WA Department of Health confirmed the death on Monday, saying the patient had died from the serogroup W type.

                  However, the department did not reveal the adult's age, gender, or which hospital they were taken to.

                  Meningococcal disease is a life-threatening illness caused by a bacterial infection of the blood and/or membranes in the spinal cord.

                  There were 25 reported cases of meningococcal disease in WA this year...


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                    Meningococcal claims life of 20-year-old woman, Amelia Clayton, in Western Australia
                    Jordan Cutts and Lucy Quaggin
                    Wednesday, 19 February 2020 7:06 am

                    A 20-year-old woman has died from meningococcal, the first death from the bacterial infection in Western Australia in 2020.

                    Amelia Clayton passed away almost three weeks ago, she was found dead in her bed by her grandmother.

                    The young woman was a barista in Kalgoorlie and quite unbelievably just 19 days she was serving customers there...