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Sri Lanka: 2020 Leptospirosis

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  • Sri Lanka: 2020 Leptospirosis


    Rat Fever on the rise
    Monday, July 20, 2020 - 16:11
    By Nadira Gunatilleke

    A total of 23,371 patients who had been suffering from Leptospirosis (Rat Fever) were recorded during this year by last Friday (July 17th) along with over 10 deaths. The highest number of patients, 3284 have been reported from the district of Colombo, the Epidemiology Unit sources said.

    According to the sources, an increased number of patients were observed during last month (May), February and January. The highest number of patients, 5363 had been recorded in February. The number of patients reported from the Trincomalee district is 2253. Baticaloa district has recorded 2230. In last year (2019) a total of 6021 rat fever patients were reported from all parts of the country. The highest number 1245 reported from Ratnapura district. The highest number 1036 reported in November...