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Guam: Public Health warns hikers of Leptospirosis

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  • Guam: Public Health warns hikers of Leptospirosis


    Public Health warns hikers of bacterial disease
    Jerick Sablan,
    9:45 p.m. ChST October 9, 2015

    The Department of Public Health and Social Services is warning hikers of a disease they could contract if they enter rivers in southern Guam.


    Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects mammals and is spread through contact with their urine, according to a release from the agency.

    Waste from wildlife likely washes off land surfaces during Guam?s rainy season -- July through November ? and enters local rivers, the release states.

    This year, a single case of leptospirosis has been reported to Public Health. The individual had been swimming at the Tarzan Falls, the release states.

    Although south Guam offers great hiking, the area is home to feral water buffalo and deer, which carry the disease, the release states.


    Ten trail runners, known as ?hashers,? were diagnosed with a bacterial disease found in the urine of mammals after hiking in Merizo in September last year.

    The hashers were part of a larger group that got lost in the Mount Schroeder area of Merizo on Sept. 13, 2014, the release states...