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Bolivia: 2022 Leishmaniasis

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  • Bolivia: 2022 Leishmaniasis


    Headquarters points out that the 5 cases of Visceral Leishmaniasis presented in Villa Montes have already completed their treatment satisfactorily
    Gabriela Flores
    June 15, 2022 - 16:18:37

    The director of the Epidemiology unit of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of Tarija, Juan José Villena, has reported that the five patients with Visceral Leishmaniasis presented in the municipality of Villa Montes have already completed their treatment and are doing well.

    “It is with great satisfaction that I inform you that the five Visceral Leishmaniasis patients in the department, in Villa Montes, have currently completed their treatment, are doing well, although it is a disease that can cause mortality and is controlled at the level of our department.”

    In Tarija there were 10 cases of Leishmaniasis in various forms, so they ask the population who have a skin lesion and who have been in a tropical area to go to health centers.

    "From January to date there are 10 cases of Leishmaniasis in all its forms that have occurred in the department of Tarija, of these 7 correspond to the municipality of Villa Montes and three to the municipality of Bermejo, all of them have completed their treatment and we are awaiting the presence of new suspected patients.

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    Two minors die with leishmaniasis in Villa Montes
    Echoes of Tarija
    Andrea Angelo
    08/09/2022 12:01

    Two minors diagnosed with leishmaniasis at the visceral level in the municipality of Villa Montes died in the last few hours, reported the coordinator of the Villa Montes health network, Weimar Soruco Vaca. They were both receiving the treatment.

    Soruco explained to Fides that one of the minors, from a suburban area of ​​Villa Montes, was being treated by his health insurance. His death occurred while he was transferred to the city of Santa Cruz.

    The other minor, from a community located on the right bank of the Pilcomayo River, was hospitalized in the basic hospital of Villa Montes and receiving the corresponding treatment, however, he had complications and died.

    "This disease, when it attacks the viscera at the abdominal level, alters everything and that makes it quite complicated for the treatment to have the necessary result," he explained.

    After the unfortunate deaths, the Zoonosis unit carried out controls and tests at the home where these minors lived. In addition, a mosquito capture job was carried out to find out if the contagion occurred there or elsewhere. No other relatives of the children tested positive for leishmaniasis.

    Dogs with leishmaniasis

    The Coordinator of the Villa Montes health network reported that, of 110 tests carried out on dogs from different neighborhoods of the city, 65% were positive for leishmaniasis. However, he regretted that the owners of these dogs do not authorize their elimination, as recommended by the Ministry of Health, a situation that could cause the disease to spread.


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      Confirmed four new cases of leishmaniasis in Villa Montes
      The Headquarters (Departmental Health Service) through the Vector Control Unit, confirmed four new cases of leishmaniasis in Villa Montes, with which the total this year rose to 12 confirmed cases.

      "In visceral leishmaniasis there are no lesions at the skin level, what occurs is an enlargement of the abdomen due to the growth of the liver and spleen, which can lead to complications in the infected person," he explained.

      Consequently, there are patients who do not think about this pathology, because they do not have skin lesions, so it is possible that there are many more cases that have a prolonged evolution and of which nothing is known, he warned.

      It can take months, even years to detect these patients, he added, adding that for this reason the health personnel are working with greater care, if there is a child with a large belly, it should be suspected that it may be this pathology.

      The earlier the treatment of leishmaniasis, the better the prognosis, since when the patient presents and has advanced disease, the possibility of curing him and discharging him is much more complicated.

      Asked what ages the last four patients found in Villa Montes are, he replied that the problem is affecting more children under 10 years of age and of both sexes, there is no predilection for a male or female.

      THE NOTE

      Recent infected look better

      Fortunately, the four patients are receiving treatment that does not last more than seven days, there are seven doses they receive, the treatment scheme has improved, to avoid toxicity to the person, the one used is one of those that came out recently, reported .

      A COED meeting in Villa Montes declared a health alert in the area to mobilize economic resources and health personnel, entering a health season and can increase the chances of contagion by dogs and vectors, mosquitoes.
      by Omar Pereira


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        The department of Tarija registers 27 cases of Leishmaniasis
        Gabriela Flores
        October 13, 2022 - 17:11:31

        The head of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of Tarija, Marcelo Ugarte, has reported that to date there are 27 cases of Leishmaniasis throughout the department, of these cases 18 are in its visceral form.

        “To date, we have 27 confirmed cases of Leishmaniasis throughout the department, of these 17 correspond to visceral leishmaniasis that have occurred in the Chaco of Tarijeño, especially in the town of Villa Montes; the rest of the cases, we are talking about cutaneous, mucosal leishmaniasis is concentrated in the municipality of Bermejo”.

        In this sense, it has been reported that the increase in cases is expected as the end of the year approaches.

        “There has been an increase, last year we had 24 laboratory-confirmed cases but throughout the year, we think that by the end of the administration it will increase much more because people are arriving from other places that are not from the department of Tarija , Argentina, of the Yungas already with some manifestation of the disease”.