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Venezuela: 2022 Leishmaniasis

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  • Venezuela: 2022 Leishmaniasis


    66 people are infected with leishmaniasis west of Anzoátegui
    The inhabitants of Sabana de Uchire claim that the last large outbreak of leishmaniasis occurred in year 89. They report that the lack of fumigation is one of the causes. Among the infected there are children and older adults
    Jesymar Anez
    3 May, 2022 5:32 pm

    Clarines.- West of Anzoátegui, the population of Sabana de Uchire lives with the fear that a mosquito will infect them with a disease that can be deadly: leishmaniasis. It is an infectious disease transmitted by a female mosquito infected with a tiny parasite.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies cutaneous leishmaniasis as one of the three forms of infection. In the skin he sees himself as a rock that takes a long time to heal. With her, 66 people are infected in Sabana de Uchire, municipality of Bruzual de Anzoátegui. Eliseo Uriepero is an inhabitant of this parish and confirms it.

    Uriepero is the father of an infected 5-year-old child. By telephone, he informed El Pitazo this May 3rd that the sick could be worse for three reasons: in the area where mosquitoes abound, people have not been able to go to the doctor and for 20 years there is no fumigation.

    It is estimated that people started to get sick in this year 2022. “My son got sick during the month (2nd of May) I was able to take him to the doctor. The lady who accompanied us to the hospital in Barcelona also had leishmaniasis, just like a vecino”, she says.

    José Villegas, inhabitant of Sabana de Uchire, also knows infected people. His niece is one of them, she got infected 40 days ago and “I got treatment”, he said. In his street, there are sick people in four houses, one person at home.

    Fumigation, sanitary control

    The vecinos of Sabana de Uchire demand from the authorities fumigación y control sanitario. People are concerned that the cases are scattered due to the lack of money to cover medical treatment and travel three hours by bus to Barcelona.

    “Each ticket costs three dollars and you have ten additional dollars to pay for a return express car, because if you're late on the bus, it leaves at 2:30 in the afternoon. Besides, you have to eat and make sure you have everything you need to buy so that they can take care of you”, explained Uriepero.

    In the community, people burn cartoons to scare away the mosquitoes, but the technique is not enough because it tends to appear when the mood is gone.

    “Not all vecinos have mosquitoes in their homes because they don't have money”, says Villegas, who fears that an epidemic will occur due to the increase in cases. “Since 1989, there hasn't been a similar sprout,” he added.

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