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  • WA: 2019 Hepatitis A


    Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Washington with 13 cases
    Posted 2:02 PM, July 30, 2019, by Associated Press

    OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) ? State officials have declared an outbreak of hepatitis A in people who are living without shelter or who use illicit drugs.

    Washington state Department of Health officials said Tuesday they have confirmed 13 cases of the virus with ten cases in Spokane County, one in neighboring Pend Oreille County, two in Seattle's King County and one in Snohomish County...

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    The Hepatitis A outbreak in Washington State and the risk of it spreading
    The Washington State Health Department declared an outbreak of this highly contagious disease following 14 confirmed cases across 4 counties.
    Author: Su Ring, New Day Northwest
    Published: 9:12 AM PDT August 6, 2019
    Updated: 9:12 AM PDT August 6, 2019

    SEATTLE ? Hepatitis A is a very contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. It is usually spread person-to-person when someone unknowingly ingests the virus by touching things or ingesting food or drinks with undetectable amounts of stool from someone already infected,

    There are currently 14 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A (3 in King County, 9 in Spokane County, 1 in Snohomish County, and 1 in Pen Oreille County) and the Washington State Health Department has declared an outbreak...


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      Yakima’s Hepatitis a Outbreak Grows to 11 Cases
      Lance Tormey
      November 22, 2019

      Yakima's Hepatitis A outbreak has now grown to 11 confirmed cases. Yakima Health District officials say all the cases remain within the homeless or illicit drug user population.

      The first 5 cases were reported on November 7. Since that time spokeswoman Lilian Bravo says they've been working with Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, Yakima County Jail Indian Health Services and Yakima's homeless camp Camp Hope trying to make sure homeless people are vaccinated against Hepatitis A. So far they've vaccinated 74 people...


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        Yakima County Reports 18 Hepatitis A Cases
        Dec 3, 2019 @ 5:02pm

        YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) – Yakima County has 18 confirmed cases of hepatitis A, a number authorities say will likely increase in the weeks and months ahead.

        The Yakima Herald-Republic reports all cases are all tied to people experiencing homelessness and those using illicit drugs...


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          Hepatitis A cases at 22 in Yakima County and still rising
          Yakima Herald-Republic 4 hrs ago

          YAKIMA — As expected, the number of confirmed cases of hepatitis A in Yakima County continues to increase.

          There have been 22 confirmed hepatitis A cases in the county as of Thursday, up from 18 on Dec. 3, according to the Yakima Health District, with the majority of the cases tied to people experiencing homelessness and those using illicit drugs.

          One confirmed case has no identifiable risk factors, district spokesman Nathan Johnson said in an email Friday.

          “It is not uncommon to have an occasional hepatitis A case with no identifiable risk factors during an outbreak. However, we are recommending that everyone gets their hepatitis A vaccine if they have not gotten it yet,” Johnson said...