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Brazil - Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreak in daycare centers in Guariba

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  • Brazil - Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreak in daycare centers in Guariba

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    Hand-foot-mouth outbreak leads Guariba City Hall, SP, to close daycare centers for a week

    Activities will be suspended for seven days, starting this Wednesday (23). As of Tuesday night (22), 90 cases had been confirmed in children up to five years old.

    By g1 Ribeirão Preto and Franca

    02/23/2022 05:03 Updatedhá 9 horas

    The Prefecture of Guariba (SP) suspended classes at daycare centers for a week, starting this Wednesday (23), after confirming 90 cases of hand-foot-mouth syndrome among children under five.

    During the period, the Departments of Education and Health will monitor cases and provide the cleaning of schools.

    According to pediatrician and immunologist Gizele Cunha, the highly contagious syndrome is caused by the coxsackie virus. It mainly affects children in school age. As it is a viral disease, transmission is by contact, mainly with droplets of saliva.

    “The main symptoms are spots on the hands, mouth and in the perineum region, which are water balls. The child may not eat and have a high fever. What we usually ask for is to be examined to see if there are other foci of infection, dehydration, and offer liquid, light food and fever medication”, explains Gizele.

    During the period of infection, the child needs to be away from activities for seven days, says the doctor.

    City Hall measure
    The Secretary of Education of Guariba , João Marques, became aware of the cases on Monday (21) after the direction of a daycare center reported three cases of the disease.

    “We were at the Sanitary Surveillance and the Health Department and we began to notice that more cases had been diagnosed in the city, however the schools had not been officially communicated by parents or health units.”

    According to Marques, given the potential outbreak, the directors of daycare centers were called for a meeting and a mapping of children who were absent from the units was carried out, with 90 cases being confirmed until Tuesday night (22).

    Also according to the secretary, the paintings are under control and no child needed to be hospitalized.

    “Treatment is the expected standard and especially the isolation of this child, because sometimes she has siblings aged five years or less and who are the highest risk group.”
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