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Alarm disease hand - foot - mouth to increase cycle

Labor No. 175 Date 05/08/2009 Last Updated: 8:36 AM, 05/08/2009

TCM children were being treated at BV Nhi Dong 1, HCMC.
(LD) - though the season of disease outbreaks hand - foot - mouth (TCM), but in large BV in HCM City, the patients in the hospital a week ago again growing. Specifically, TCM has a lot of complication leading to severe and fatal.
There are currently two of BV in TPHCM day inpatient treatment for about 80 sick children. Currently, Department of BV Nhi Dong 1 treatment for 29 children infected patients, including up to 24 have serious complication.

A case of the disease name THHT (3 years), very severe disease, breathing machines to more than 1 week with the changes. 2.8 days, BV has a sick child in An Giang deaths disease complication.

At BV Nhi Dong 2, the number of TCM is also growing. In July, BV has received 221 cases of inpatient treatment and two deaths. There are number of patients treated in inpatient BV nearly 40 people. Each day, receiving BV 8 to 10 of the new hospital.

TCM disease can quickly turn serious after only 4 to 5 days. Children can respiratory failure and death if not timely emergency. Doctors recommend that, before, children have TCM mainly caused by the coxsackie virus out, but here is a good virus to the disease most often children from self.

But recently, appear to enterovirus 71 virus disease in TCM, cause many diseases can be very serious complication in the brain and rapid heart, risk of death higher. Children with complication, if not treated properly and promptly can die in a few hours access by cardiovascular, respiratory failure.

Dr. Truong Huu Khanh - Dean infection, BV callisthenics 1 recommendation: When infected, children hospitalized early, eat liquid food easy targets, try to eat more meals a day.

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