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Macau: HFMD nursery infection outbreak

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    Re: Macau: HFMD nursery infection outbreak

    Kindergartens open again after enterovirus PDF Print E-mail
    Wednesday, 02 July 2008

    Kindergartens have opened again after an outbreak of enterovirus forced local children's schools and kindergartens to close due to the epidemic.
    Since May this year, the Health Bureau (SSM) have been paying particular attention to the number of enterovirus cases reported and confirmed in Macau.
    These enterovirus cases comprise hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and herpangina mouth blisters), but none of the patients was reported in serious condition, the bureau said in statements throughout the past two months.
    So far, a total of 395 cases have been reported,
    Last month, the number of reported cases went down, the Health Bureau said in a statement released on Monday.
    Last week another six cases were reported, however there are no hospitalised patients due to the epidemic, the Health Bureau said in the statement.
    With schools and kindergartens having resumed normal school timetable, the Health Bureau will stop its daily inspection of education premisses. However, schools and kindergartens will soon close for holidays, and as such, the bureau will only be reporting major outbreaks, should these occur.
    No new EV71 infection have been detected, the total number of which reached 56 so far, according to figures released by the Health Bureau.
    EV71 is a viral infection usually found among young children. It is also one of the causative agents for HFMD.
    The Health Bureau are urging kindergarten workers as well as school teachers and parents to pay close attention and monitor the situation, and report any outbreak or case of enterovirus, so that the bureau can take proper actions, the statement added.


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      Re: Macau: HFMD nursery infection outbreak


      Kindergarten children suffer from hand, foot, mouth disease

      Thursday, 23 October 2008
      At least 17 children from the Tung Sin Tong III kindergarten located on Avenida do Hipodromo are down with hand, foot and mouth disease, a statement from the Health Bureau said yesterday.
      Since Sunday last week, a total of 17 children of which 7 were from the same class started showing symptoms of the disease with fever, headache, vomiting and fatigue.
      Although the extent of the outbreak was ?slight? according to the statement, one of the children was still hospitalised for treatment, but however has already been sent home.
      The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention collected samples from other children in the school as a precautionary measure, and also carried out a sanitary inspection on the premisses.
      Children up to the age of five are the most vulnerable to the disease, and the Health Bureau is urging parents, guardians and teachers to look out for personal hygiene on children, making sure they frequently wash their hands.
      It typically occurs in small epidemics in nursery schools or kindergartens, usually during the summer and autumn months.


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        Re: Macau: HFMD nursery infection outbreak


        Infectious diseases reported in local school, children's day care centre
        Wednesday, 10 December 2008

        The Health Bureau (SSM) announced yesterday that three reports of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and viral gastroenteritis were received from a children's day care centre, a kindergarten and an infant home.
        The first report of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) was received from the children day care centre of the Macau Women's Association in Avenida de Venceslau de Morais.
        As of yesterday a total of 14 children had showed symptoms of the disease and 10 of them suffered from "minor conditions", the SSM said.
        One child was admitted to the hospital but did not show any nerve system or other serious complications.
        The Disease Prevention and Control Centre had collected samples from the ill children, of which two were found to contain EV71 intestinal virus, the authority said.

        Health inspectors had conducted an investigation into the day care centre and instructed staff to carry out infection control measures such as cleansing and sterilisation.
        As well, classes were suspended to avoid cross infections among the children.
        The SSM said HFMD could be seen around the world and summer was the high infection season.
        The disease mainly occurred on children under five years old and the incubation period was about three to seven days.
        Infections were mainly through direct contact with excrement but also included saliva or other contaminated objects.
        The early symptoms included fever and soar throat, and then small blisters or rashes would be seen on the palm, legs and buttocks. Also small herpes would be seen inside the mouth and then festered, the SSM said.
        The SSM added that there were no vaccines yet to prevent the virus and then urged schools, children homes, parents and students to be aware of personal hygiene, physical health and environmental hygiene.
        On the other hand, the other two reports of viral gastroenteritis were received from the Sheng Kung Hui College (kindergarten session) and the Cradle of Hope Association's infant home, both in Taipa.
        The SSM said nine students from the kindergarten had vomiting or diarrhoea symptoms, and seven of them had received treatment from medical institutes.
        Meanwhile, the Cradle of Hope Association reported five infants to have vomiting or diarrhoea symptoms as of yesterday and four of them were admitted into the hospital.
        The ill infants' samples were currently under testing, the SSM said.
        Viral gastroenteritis usually occurs in autumn and winter and is easy to break out in "crowded places" such as elderly homes, schools and day care centres, the SSM said.
        If collective illness is found in children day care, schools, homes or similar establishments, the SSM should be contacted immediately on +853 2856 1122.