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Ranching in Nicaragua’s Reserves to Supply US Market

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  • Ranching in Nicaragua’s Reserves to Supply US Market

    November 1, 2020

    In the last two decades, ranching has expanded greatly, principally due to the demand for beef in the United States. Nationally the cattle herd doubled, and the value of meat exports increased 850% by 2019, to a record $700 million.

    In the cattle auction sites around the reserves, the cattle are marketed with no questions. For example, in the community of Las Maravillas in Indio Maiz, cattle are sold at a rustic auction. The cows are then transferred to a farm on the outskirts of the reserve. Days later, they will be taken to the slaughterhouses in different localities of the country.

    ... registered all of his cattle as belonging to a ranch outside the reserve. He purchased the documents he needed to sell to the slaughterhouses. In this way, he evaded the tracing system.

    ... These mechanisms and the lack of regulation at the auctions make the tracing system very weak.

    ... Politicians, companies and consumers in the United States are the principal market for Nicaraguan meat.