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Safety concerns over long term residues from vaccine adjuvants found in chicken meat and organs

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  • Safety concerns over long term residues from vaccine adjuvants found in chicken meat and organs
    Research on the Residual Metabolic Rule of Oil Adjuvant in Eggs and Chicken


    • 1:中国农业科学院家禽研究所

    试验旨在研究油佐剂疫苗在鸡蛋和组织中残留规律。选用120只1日龄的京粉蛋鸡作为试验对象,每组设12个 重复,每重复10只。按照免疫程序推荐剂量注射油佐剂疫苗,全部右侧翅肩肌注。在159、166、180、 201、235、271d测定鸡蛋中正烷烃和多环芳烃的残留量,同时在280、330、380、430d测 定右侧翅肩肌、左侧胸肌、右侧胸肌、左侧腿肌、右侧腿肌、肝、肾中正烷烃和多环芳烃的残留量。结果表明:矿 物油中分子量较小的烷烃,如正十六烷、正十七烷、正十八烷,更易于被机体代谢,残留消除速率较快,也易于扩 散到机体其他部位;矿物油进入机体后,在注射部位中残留量最大,通过体循环扩散到机体其他组织、器官中,在 肝、肾中的残留量较大,且消除速率较慢;各个采样部位正烷烃和多环芳烃残留量随着时间的变化而降低。鸡蛋中 未检测到多环芳烃。矿物油经过机体代谢进入鸡蛋中的量很少,不足以对鸡蛋质量安全造成影响;而它在鸡体内组 织、器官中形成较长期的残留,特别是长链烷烃需要更长时间的代谢。
    关键词(KeyWords): 油佐剂疫苗;;正烷烃;;多环芳烃;;残留;;鸡蛋;;组织
    基金项目(Foundation): 江苏省农业科技自主创新资金项目[CX(16)1008];; 扬州市农业前瞻性研究项目(yz2014145);; 扬州市家禽质量安全科技服务平台建设项目(yz2015162);; 2016国家农产品质量安全风险评估重大专项(GJFP2016007)
    作者(Author): 张静;周倩;唐梦君;张小燕;赵敏;杨星星;万玉;高玉时;
    Google machine translation:

    The aim of the experiment was to study the residual law of the oil adjuvant vaccine in eggs and tissues. A total of 120 1-day-old Jingan layer chickens were selected as experimental subjects, with 12 replicates in each group and 10 replicates per group. In accordance with the immunization program recommended dose injection of oil adjuvant vaccine, all right wing fingertip note. The residues of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in eggs were determined at 159, 166, 180, 201, 235 and 271d, and the right wing, left chest and right chest were measured at 280, 330, Leg muscle, right leg muscle, liver, kidney, n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons residues. The results showed that alkanes with lower molecular weight, such as n-hexadecane, n-heptadecane and n-octadecane, are easier to be metabolized by the body and their elimination rate is faster and they can easily spread to other parts of the body. Mineral oil Into the body, the largest residue in the injection site, spread through the systemic circulation to other tissues and organs in the body, in the liver, kidney residues larger, and the elimination rate is slower; all sampling sites of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons The amount decreases with time. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were not detected in eggs. The amount of mineral oil metabolized into the eggs through the body is very small, not enough to affect the quality and safety of the eggs. However, it forms longer-term residues in the tissues and organs of chickens, especially the long-chain alkanes...

    An older article:
    Determination of mineral oil residues in chicken meat by GC-MS. Author(s) : Liu Liang; Tang ShanHu; Yang RongSheng; Hu HuLing Author Affiliation : College of Life Science and Technology, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China. Journal article : Chinese Journal of Animal Health Inspection 2009 Vol.26 No.5 pp.44-46 ref.14 Abstract : Mineral oil may cause health problems in human body, but it still used as vaccine adjuvant in many animal farms and vaccine manufacture companies. It is important to find an efficient method to determine the mineral oil residues in meat. There are many methods to determine mineral oil population, but it has not been reported to detect the components of mineral oil by means of GC-MS. A GC-MS method was developed for determination of the residues of mineral oil components in chicken chicks with mineral oil, 3 days and 10 days after injection 15-day-old in a stimulated vaccination model. The results showed that GC-MS could determine the major components of mineral oil in chicken both left and right leg meats after intramuscular injection on the right leg for 3 and 10 days. The detection rate of mineral residues in meat was 100%, suggesting that GC-MS method is a useful and efficient one for mineral determination in meat.
    ISSN : 1005-944x Record Number : 20113041818 Publisher : Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Health and Epidemiology Center of China Location of publication : QuidDoa Country of publication : China Language of text : Chinese Language of summary : English Indexing terms for this abstract: Organism descriptor(s) : birds, fowls, man Descriptor(s) : analysis, chicken meat, chicks, companies, estimation, health, manufacture, meat, methodology, poultry, residues, techniques, vaccination, vaccines Identifier(s) : chickens, corporations, domesticated birds, methodsBroader term(s) : Gallus gallus, Gallus, Phasianidae, Galliformes, birds, vertebrates, Chordata, animals, eukaryotes, Homo, Hominidae, primates, mammals

    Don't see any safety research in the U.S. about this, but some about lesions caused in the birds by adjuvants - We got a turkey breast once that had a lesion like this.

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