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Panama: 2022 Dengue

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  • Panama: 2022 Dengue


    Panama adds 4,887 cases of dengue
    September 10, 2022

    Panama. The Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) confirmed 4,887 cases of dengue, until epidemiological week No.35.

    Of that total, 4 thousand 369 are without warning signs; 506 with warning signs; twelve are serious cases and two deaths (one registered in San Miguelito, at the beginning of the year), which is now added to another death (of a child under six in West Panama).

    Moreno added that, in the province of Panama Oeste, in the Burunga area, specifically in the Nueva Luz area, 144 total cases of dengue have been detected, of which 134 are cases without warning signs; nine with warning signs; one serious and one fatal

    The prevention and control of dengue must be intersectoral and involve the family and the community, this is the key to combat and eliminate breeding sites, warned the head of epidemiology of the Minsa...

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    Minsa reports 970 cases of leishmaniasis, 4,254 of malaria and 5,222 of dengue
    In addition, the Department of Epidemiology indicates that Panama accumulates 39 cases of Hantavirus and 13 of monkeypox.
    By Teiga Castrellón

    The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported this morning that through the Department of Epidemiology that to date a total of 970 cases of leishmaniasis and 4,254 of malaria have been registered in the country accumulated, for which operations and surveillance have been reinforced in the 15 health regions.

    The report also revealed that there are 5,222 cases of dengue with 2 deaths, 3 of Zika and 2 of Chikungunya.

    Hantavirus cases

    While a total of 39 cases of hantavirus disease are reported, of which 15 have hanta fever and 24 have been detected with Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome (HPS); 1 death is recorded.


    Finally, Epidemiology reiterated that to date Panama has reached a total of 13 confirmed cases of monkeypox, of which 12 have completed their isolation.

    Recommendations to avoid these cases

    Faced with this situation, the health authorities warn that the habits of cleaning and ordering the environment are fundamental, the use of protection barriers, such as repellent, mosquito nets and metallic mesh in openings of the house to reduce the risk of getting sick from leishmaniasis...