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Argentina: 2020 Dengue

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  • Argentina: 2020 Dengue


    Confirmaron casos de dengue serotipo DEN 1 en provincia de Misiones
    La enfermedad está en el Norte argentino.
    11/01/2020 - 21:48 Santiago

    Google translation:
    They confirmed cases of dengue serotype DEN 1 in the province of Misiones
    The disease is in northern Argentina.
    01/11/2020 - 21:48 Santiago

    The head of epidemiological surveillance of the Ministry of Public Health of Missions, José Gutiérrez, confirmed that there have been cases of dengue in three locations in the province, "all are of the DEN 1 serotype," he said.

    In this way, it was confirmed that the disease is already present in northern Argentina. In addition, the places are tourist, so they recommend caution to Santiago residents who are heading to that area.

    "We have three locations where the positives are confirmed, which are of type DEN 1, which are in Andresito, Puerto Iguazú and in the capital department," Gutierrez said.

    Currently, "we are in a containment and not a mitigation stage," he said, which means that "all patients are going to be admitted, notified and made the corresponding laboratory," he said.

    "We are a tourist province and we ask people to come, but we ask for responsibility, that they take care of themselves, that they see the schedules that are dangerous, that they are placed repellent and that when they return they do not self-medicate, that they make a consultation," concluded the chief of Epidemiological Surveillance.