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Dengue type 2 diagnosed in Tahiti

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  • Dengue type 2 diagnosed in Tahiti


    Dengue type 2 diagnosed in Tahiti
    5:16 am today

    A health alert has been issued in French Polynesia after one case of dengue type two was diagnosed.

    A man who had arrived from New Caledonia has come down with the mosquito-borne illness in Mahina.

    He has been transferred to the main hospital in Tahiti.

    The neighbourhood of Mahina he stayed in is being sprayed in the hope of eliminating mosquitoes which could transmit the virus...

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    Un deuxième cas de dengue de type 2 et un septuagénaire décédé de la grippe
    Lundi 1 Avril 2019 à 19:16

    Google translation:

    A second case of dengue type 2 and a septuagenarian who died of influenza
    Monday 1 April 2019 at 19:16

    HEALTH - According to the health watch office, Tahiti is on level two alert. A second indigenous case of type 2 dengue fever has been confirmed in the Taunoa district of Papeete. The flu epidemic is still ongoing, a 73 year old died of the flu in late February.

    A second case of dengue type 2 and a septuagenarian who died of influenza
    The health watch office confirmed Monday afternoon the presence of a second case of dengue type 2 in Tahiti. He appeared in the neighborhood of the first indigenous case, in the Taunoa neighborhood. The Health Branch is looking for other people who may have contracted this mosquito-borne disease. Anti-vector control measures have been carried out since the first case occurred on Tuesday, 19 March, and should be renewed. it is also recommended that individuals eliminate breeding sites by removing any stagnant freshwater area once a week. The health department reminds that in case of fever over 38.5 ° C, muscle and joint pain, it is necessary to consult quickly.

    Dengue type 1 continues to circulate, it is found in particular in Tahiti, Hiva Oa, Moorea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa and Arutua. 12 cases were confirmed during March.

    The number of visits for ILI is increasing. Nearly 580 cases were reported in March (week 11 and 12). During the same period, 80 people were hospitalized at the Taaone Hospital Center, ten in intensive care units and seventeen in pediatrics. A 73-year-old man died of the flu in early March. she had several cardiopulmonary diseases.


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      ​Dengue de type 2 : des foyers suspects à Mahina, Faa’a et Papara

      Google translation:

      Type 2 Dengue: suspicious outbreaks in Mahina, Faa'a and Papara

      PAPEETE, April 10, 2019 - Insecticide sprays are announced in the coming days in Mahina, Faa'a and Papara to treat potential outbreaks of dengue type 2, after the confirmation of a new indigenous case in the commune of sheriffs . Another indigenous case and epidemic stage will be declared in Polynesia where eight out of 10 people are exposed to this virus.

      After the discovery on Monday in Mahina of a third indigenous case of dengue type 2, without "epidemiological link" with two previous proven cases in Papeete at the end of March, the public hygiene and sanitation department is planning insecticide spraying campaigns. over the next 8 days in neighborhoods identified as at risk in the communes of Mahina, Faa'a and Papara (see below).

      According to an information revealed Wednesday by our colleagues from La Dépêche de Tahiti, confirmed in the day by the health authorities, the new indigenous case of dengue type 2 that worries concerns a resident of Fareroi (Mahina). This person works in Faa'a and went to Papara when she was probably contagious.

      Above all, "we are not able to make the epidemiological link between the two cases of Taunoa and this new case identified in Mahina, alarmed Dr. Marine Giard, head of the Health Surveillance Office at the Directorate of Health. virus is circulating. "

      Everything is therefore done to try to contain this spread. For this new targeted anti-vector treatment operation, three sprays will be organized in each sector to be treated between 5:30 am and 8 am on Thursday 11th, Monday 15th and Thursday 18th April or postponed overnight in case of rain.

      At the edge of the epidemic
      The insecticide sprayed is deltamethrin. Sprays are made within a 100-meter perimeter around the outbreak that is thought to have been infected. The pesticide mixture is used at a dilution allowing application of 1 gram per hectare. "It has no effect on the health of people," says Glenda Melix, director of the center of hygiene and public health. Deltamethrin is deadly to insects while the fine particles are suspended in the air and within two hours of its persistence.

      To prevent spraying from causing damage to beekeeping sites, operators are advised to close apiaries two hours before spraying and keep them closed for up to two hours after vector control.

      For the moment, in the face of the risk of spreading dengue serotype 2, French Polynesia is on level 2 alert. The epidemic stage will only be declared when several indigenous and unrelated cases are reported. Today, only one new case outside Taunoa is enough for the health situation to justify the requalification of the level 2 alert maintained since February as an "epidemic".

      Dengue 2 has not been circulating in French Polynesia since 2000. The population is poorly immunized and the spread of this virus can lead to a large-scale epidemic in the community. According to a recent statistical analysis, eight out of 10 people are likely to be infected with this virus. The population pool potentially affected is 221,000 people. The impact on health spending is estimated at at least 1.2 billion Fcfp for the community.

      "This is why people who have the symptoms of dengue (fever over 38 ° C, headache, body aches, joint pain, or even blood pressure) are asked to consult a doctor," says Dr. Laurence Bonnac-Théron, Director of Health, and in case of diagnosis of dengue type 2 to protect herself from mosquito bites, we also call on everyone to make mosquito breeding at home. " Targeted spraying and call for public good citizenship, to avoid the worst the health authorities today have no choice but to delay the circulation of the virus for the next two months, waiting for the cool season.

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        Dengue 2 : 16 cas autochtones à Mahina, la commune déclenche un plan de sauvegarde
        Mardi 21 Mai 2019 à 11:44

        Google translation:

        Dengue 2: 16 indigenous cases in Mahina, the commune triggers a backup plan
        Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 11:44

        HEALTH - The epidemic of dengue fever 2 has been reported on the island of Tahiti since April 10th. Mahina commune is currently the most affected commune, since 16 cases are recorded there on the 22 declared autochthonous dengues.

        Meeting in Mahina. Credit presidency of Polynesia
        Meeting in Mahina. Credit presidency of Polynesia
        Beyond the participation of municipalities in the search and elimination of larval sites around the outbreaks of cases identified with sputter spraying, the Ministry of Health strongly encourages the mayors of affected municipalities to implement their communal plan of safeguarding ( PCS).

        Solicited by the high commission, the mayor of Mahina, Damascus Teuira, has triggered his PCS. A coordination meeting between the municipality and the health department was held on Tuesday morning at the premises of the town hall. A training of communal technical officers on proactive disintegration will take place on Wednesday morning.

        Elsewhere in Tahiti, new spraying is planned for Wednesday and Monday in Arue and Punaauia, a commune newly affected by the epidemic.

        Moreover, everyone can help limit the scale of the epidemic by regularly eliminating mosquito breeding, protecting themselves and going to see their doctor in case of fever ...


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          Épidémie de dengue : 65 cas confirmés depuis le début de l’année
          jeudi 13 juin 2019

          Google translation:

          Dengue epidemic: 65 cases confirmed since the beginning of the year
          Thursday, June 13, 2019

          The health watch office published yesterday its new bulletin concerning the extension of dengue type 2 in French Polynesia. As of June 11, 63 indigenous cases and two imported cases of dengue 2 have been confirmed.

          Tahiti is in an epidemic phase; the affected municipalities are Mahina, Arue, Papeete (Taunoa district), Faa'a, Punaauia, Paea, Papeno'o, Papeari, Vairao and Tautira. In addition, three islands are in the alert phase: Moorea (Papetoai), Bora Bora (Vaitape and Faanui) and Nuku Hiva (Taiohae).

          Since dengue type 2 has not circulated in the country since the year 2000, the population is poorly immunized and the epidemic can be of great magnitude. People under 20 or arriving in French Polynesia after 2000 are most at risk of becoming infected.

          Beyond the vector control actions implemented by the health directorate (health and public hygiene center) with the collaboration of the communes, everyone can be an actor to limit the scale of this epidemic by the actions following: eliminate weekly breeding sites around your home and your workplace, protect themselves from mosquito bites (repellent, mosquito net, broadcasters ...). If you have fever over 38 ° C, consult a doctor.

          This is even more important if you come from Tahiti and go to another island of French Polynesia, not affected by this virus.

          If you have dengue: protect yourself from mosquito bites for ten days, limit your movements, so as not to contaminate other geographical areas.


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            Tahiti and parts of French Polynesia declare Dengue Type 2 epidemic
            6:28 am today

            There has been a sharp increase in the number of people in French Polynesia contracting dengue type 2.

            According to authorities more than 200 cases have been recorded in the past two weeks, bringing the number of sufferers to 582.

            Almost all new cases concern people under the age of 20.

            So far 13 people have been taken to hospital...