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New Caledonia: 2019 Dengue

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  • New Caledonia: 2019 Dengue


    Senior New Caledonia police officer dies of dengue
    7:12 pm on 7 February 2019

    A senior French police officer has died of dengue in New Caledonia.

    The commander of the gendarmes in Noumea says 43-year-old Isabelle Jensen died on Wednesday...

    ...Last week, health authorities said almost 500 people had contracted dengue since an epidemic of the mosquito-borne disease was declared in the week before Christmas...

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    Dengue : l’épidémie en phase ascendante
    Le gouvernement fait le point sur la dengue dont l’épidémie a été déclarée le 21 décembre dernier. On enregistre plus de 120 nouveaux cas par semaine.
    CM avec communiqué gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
    Publié le 15/02/2019 à 17:09, mis à jour le 15/02/2019 à 17:11

    Google translation:

    Dengue: the rising epidemic
    The government takes stock of dengue fever, whose epidemic was declared on December 21st. There are more than 120 new cases per week.
    CM with press release New Caledonia government
    Posted on 15/02/2019 at 17:09, updated on 15/02/2019 at 17:11

    Bad news on the dengue front: the epidemic is not weakening, worse, it is gaining power. This is the conclusion drawn up by the Arboviroses Committee, which met on Thursday 14 February with all the partners concerned.
    There are more than 120 new weekly cases, or 30 to 55 daily cases. Since 1 January 2019, 668 cases of biologically confirmed dengue fever have been reported. 48 people required hospitalization, including six in intensive care, and one death is to be deplored. Currently, hospitalization capacities and medical biology analyzes are not saturated.
    The whole of New Caledonia touched
    28 of New Caledonia's 33 municipalities are now affected by the epidemic, the latest being Yaté and Ile des Pins.
    In Nouméa, all neighborhoods are affected with a predominance of cases in the neighborhoods of Rivière-Salée, Vallée-des-Colons, Magenta and Portes-de-Fer. Then come the districts of the aerodrome, Haut-Magenta, Kaméré and Logicoop.

    The population must mobilize
    Municipalities take part in the fight by spreading around each case of dengue to limit the spread of the epidemic.
    But to effectively fight against the disease, the population must absolutely take an active part in the fight, especially as few people are immune to this dengue type 2.
    The authorities insist on the three automatisms to be acquired during the epidemic period:
    - destroy breeding sites at least once a week,
    - protect against mosquito bites during the day,
    - consult a doctor in order to benefit from a biological confirmation test.

    Actions on the ground
    Lastly, since the beginning of the year, the Department of Health and Social Affairs has conducted 45 actions in the field between 4 pm and 6 pm in the areas where dengue cases have been detected. On that occasion, she informed 1,085 households, distributed 2,200 bottles of repellents and 1,500 information flyers on the disease and the procedures to be followed. To carry out these information campaigns in the field, 24 agents dedicated to this mission of information, sensitization and distribution of repellents have been recruited since the beginning of the year.


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      Dengue kills girl in New Caledonia
      12:38 pm on 22 May 2019

      An eight-year-old girl in New Caledonia has died of dengue.

      She died at a clinic in Koutio - two weeks after contracting the mosquito-borne illness.

      She is the second person to die in the latest epidemic which started late last year.

      This year, more than 3,300 people have been infected of who almost 300 needed hospital care...