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    20% more dengue cases in 2018 than previous year, 207 cases reported in first week of 2019
    Published 2 hours ago
    Jolene Ang

    SINGAPORE - The number of dengue cases has increased over the past three weeks, with the first week of 2019 reporting 207 cases, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Wednesday (Jan 9).

    Last year, 3,285 cases of dengue were reported - almost 20 per cent more than in 2017.

    A contributing factor and key concern is the increase in the Aedes aegypti mosquito population detected in the community, said the agency...

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    Rise in dengue cases in past month; 455 cases reported over two weeks in January
    According to the NEA, as of Jan 14, there were 54 active dengue clusters. The largest was found at Bedok Reservoir Road and Kaki Bukit Avenue 1.
    Published 11 hours ago
    Seow Bei Yi Business Correspondent

    SINGAPORE - Dengue cases have increased over the past four weeks, with 455 seen in the first two weeks of January.

    This was thrice the number reported over the same two-week period in January last year, said Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor on Saturday (Jan 19).

    Over the past year, dengue cases have climbed as well. There were 3,285 incidents last year, almost 20 per cent more than in 2017...


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      Two dengue deaths so far this year - one in Bedok Reservoir, the other in Hougang
      Feb 9, 2019, 5:33 pm SGT; Updated Feb 10, 2019, 7:40 am

      SINGAPORE - Two men have died from the dengue virus as of Friday (Feb 8), according to the Health Ministry and the National Environment Agency (NEA).

      The first victim is a 74-year-old man who lived in Bedok Reservoir and died on Feb 3. The second is a 77-year-old Hougang Avenue 3 resident who died on Feb 7.

      One of the deaths took place in an active dengue cluster in Bedok, which had 167 dengue cases reported as of Friday. The cluster comprises Bedok Reservoir Road, Jalan Damai, Jalan Tenaga and Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, where the NEA has been "conducting multiple rounds of inspections" since Nov 23...


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        Dengue cases in first quarter of 2019 rose by three times compared to last year
        Apr 21, 2019, 1:55 pm SGT

        SINGAPORE - There were three times as many dengue cases across Singapore in the first three and a half months of this year compared to the same period last year, and the mosquito population remains high.

        Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor said on Sunday (April 21) that there were 2,457 dengue cases in that period, compared to 678 last year...


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          More than 3,000 dengue cases this year, number of infections by end-May likely to top last year's total
          Published 3 hours ago
          Salma Khalik Senior Health Correspondent

          SINGAPORE - The number of dengue infections has crossed the 3,000 mark this year after rising for six consecutive weeks. By the end of this month, the number of infections will likely top last year's total of 3,285.

          There were 194 cases reported last week, and 139 between Sunday and 3pm on Wednesday...


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            Spike in dengue cases prompts early outreach
            1 hour ago

            A recent spike in dengue cases has caused the total so far this year to exceed that for the whole of last year, prompting the National Environment Agency (NEA) to bring forward its annual dengue prevention programme.

            The programme involves grassroots organisations and NEA officials raising residents' awareness about the spread of the disease and ways to curb it.

            The NEA said 3,541 dengue cases have been reported so far this year, compared with 3,285 cases for the whole of last year.

            Three people, all of whom were in their 70s, have died from the mosquito-borne viral disease this year.

            The two largest active dengue clusters seen recently were both in the Woodlands estate, where 88 breeding spots have been detected this year. Of that number, 72 were in homes. A total of 239 dengue cases have been reported in the estate so far this year...


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              Man, 63, fourth person to die from dengue in Singapore this year
              Staff Writer, Singapore
              Yahoo News Singapore31 May 2019

              SINGAPORE — A 63-year-old man has become the fourth person to die from dengue this year, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) and National Environment Agency (NEA) in a joint statement on Friday (31 May).

              The man, who resided in Hougang Avenue 1, died on Wednesday. The area is not an active dengue cluster.

              "Nonetheless, vector control operations to kill adult mosquitoes and destroy any potential breeding habitats are ongoing," said the authorities.

              The three earlier victims were all in their 70s. A 71-year-old woman residing at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 died from dengue in March. A month earlier, a 77-year-old man, who stayed at Hougang Avenue 3, and a 74-year-old man, who stayed in Bedok Reservoir Road, died from the mosquito-borne infection.

              The death comes as figures from the NEA earlier this month showed that the number of dengue cases thus far this year had surpassed the total number of cases in previous years.

              As of 3pm on Thursday, 4,182 people have contracted dengue this year, more than the 3,285 cases reported in 2018 and 2,772 cases in 2017.

              According to the NEA’s website, the number of weekly reported dengue cases have have more than tripled in the past nine weeks.

              As of Monday, there are 72 active dengue clusters, with the five largest clusters located at:

              • Woodlands Avenue 6 / Woodlands Circle / Woodlands Crescent / Woodlands Drive 60 / Woodlands Drive 72
              • Woodlands Drive 62 / Woodlands Drive 73 / Woodlands Drive 75 / Woodlands Ring Road
              • Chai Chee Avenue / Chai Chee Drive / Chai Chee Lane / Chai Chee Road / Chai Chee Street
              • Geylang Road / Guillemard Road / Lor 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23 Geylang / Sims Avenue / Westerhout Road
              • Bedok Reservoir Road / Foo Kim Lin Road / Jln Eunos / Jln Punai / Jln Rimau / Jln Singa / Teo Kim Eng Road..


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                Weekly dengue cases in Singapore spike to highest in more than 3 years
                18 June 2019 11:47PM

                SINGAPORE: There were a total of 468 reported dengue cases in the week ending Jun 15, the highest since March 2016, according to data by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

                "The number of weekly reported dengue cases have more than quadrupled in the past three months," the agency said on its website.

                As of 3pm on Monday (Jun 17), there were 5,261 reported cases, more than the 3,285 cases reported in the whole of 2018 and 2,772 cases in all of 2017.

                The number of active dengue clusters has also more than doubled in the past month to 112, as of Monday...


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                  Over 5,000 dengue cases in 2019 so far, about 37% more than total cases in 2018
                  Kathleen.F 2019-06-19 Current Affairs

                  There appears to be a surge in dengue cases this year with four recorded dengue deaths so far and hundreds of new cases each month. In February, one 74-year old and one 77-year old reportedly died due to dengue infection in Bedok and Hougang respectively while in March, the same was reported of a 71-year old in Ang Mo Kio. In June, a 63-year old died of dengue in Hougang. All these cases occurred in active dengue clusters, says the NEA.

                  According to the NEA’s dengue surveillance data for first quarter of 2019 (Jan – Mar) there were 2,223 dengue cases, 25 of which were dengue haemorrhagic fever cases. This is an 87.9% increase from the previous quarter (Oct – Dec 2018) which recorded 1,183 cases.

                  In more troubling news, there have been 5,184 reported dengue cases in Singapore for 2019 so far as of 17 June which is significantly higher than the total number of cases reported in 2018 which was 3,285 and the 2,771 cases reported in 2017...


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                    5th person dies of dengue this year: MOH, NEA
                    Staff Writer, Singapore
                    Editorial Team
                    Yahoo News Singapore20 June 2019

                    SINGAPORE — Five people have died of dengue this year as of 17 June, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Thursday (20 June).

                    The fifth victim was an 84-year-old female who died on 14 June, the MOH and the NEA said in a joint statement. The patient’s residence at Lorong 6 Geylang is within an active dengue cluster...


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                      Dengue infections hit 500 weekly with total this year exceeding 6,200
                      Published 8 hours ago
                      Salma Khalik
                      Senior Health Correspondent

                      SINGAPORE - The surge in dengue fever continues, with 500 people diagnosed last week - the highest number in more than three years.

                      It brought the number of people infected this year to more than 6,200, which exceeds the sum of the past two years. There were 2,767 infections in 2017 and 3,285 in 2018.

                      With slightly more than one in three people diagnosed with dengue ending up in hospital for three to four days, it means an average of 24 people may have been admitted to hospital every day last week for the mosquito-borne disease.

                      Already, 44 people have had the more severe dengue haemorrhagic fever, and five people have died.

                      The National Environment Agency (NEA) has more bad news.

                      Mosquito surveillance has shown that the population of the Aedes mosquito - the chief agent in the spread of dengue - went up by 56 per cent in May compared with March...


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                        Fall in new dengue cases in Singapore’s worst dengue cluster in Woodlands: NEA
                        By Navene Elangovan
                        Published15 July, 2019
                        Updated 15 July, 2019

                        SINGAPORE — Singapore’s worst dengue hotspot, in Woodlands, has reported a marked decline in the number of new cases, although the number of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes — which transmit the dengue virus — in the area remains high.

                        In an email response to TODAY on July 10, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said that there had been seven cases of dengue reported in the Woodlands cluster over the two weeks ending July 9. This was a drop from 27 cases reported in the final week of May when transmission was at its peak.

                        Woodlands is home to the largest cluster of dengue in Singapore, in an area covering Woodlands Avenue 6, Woodlands Circle, Woodlands Crescent, Woodlands Drive 60, Drive 70 and Drive 72.

                        As of July 12, a total of 215 cases of dengue had been reported in the cluster so far. In comparison, the second-largest cluster covering Geylang Road, Guillemard Road, Sims Avenue and Westerhout Road has recorded 168 cases.

                        This dengue season in Singapore has been one of the worst in several years, with more than 6,700 dengue cases across the island so far — more than the last two years combined. The virus has also claimed five lives so far, equal to the total death count in all of 2018...


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                          Four more dengue deaths take toll to nine in Singapore
                          News Desk,
                          Published: 01 Aug 2019 08:58 AM BdST Updated: 01 Aug 2019 08:58 AM BdST

                          Four more people, including a 46-year-old man, have died of dengue, bringing the total deaths this year to nine as of July 20 in Singapore, reports The Straits Times.

                          The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a joint reply to media queries on Wednesday that there were 8,020 dengue cases reported to MOH as of July 20. This is about five times more than the total number of dengue cases reported in the same period last year.

                          In 2017, there were 2,772 cases of dengue infections in Singapore - a 16-year low. Last year, there were 3,285 cases.

                          Three men died on July 16. Two of them, aged 77 and 65, lived in areas that are within active dengue clusters in Eunos Crescent and Bedok Reservoir Road.

                          Another man, who was 70, died on June 30. He lived in Hougang Avenue 5, which was within a previously active dengue cluster that ended on July 12.

                          Last year, five people aged 41 to 75 died from dengue fever. In 2017, there were two dengue deaths, and 12 deaths in 2016...


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                            15 deaths from dengue so far this year, highest in a decade

                            Kok Yufeng
                            Sep 17, 2019 06:00 am

                            Six more people have died from dengue, bringing the total number of dengue deaths this year to 15 - the highest toll in more than a decade.

                            The Ministry of Health (MOH) said yesterday that it was notified of the six deaths after its last joint update with the National Environment Agency (NEA) on July 29, about eight weeks ago.

                            Its spokesman told The New Paper that all six victims resided in or near an active or previously active dengue cluster, but she was unable to give further details.
                            Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                            The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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                              Dengue cases this year hit 3-year high

                              This is despite fall in weekly dengue cases and NEA closing most clusters since start of year
                              Timothy Goh
                              Almost 230 dengue clusters were closed in the last month alone, although the total number of dengue cases has risen from a month ago.

                              A total of 12,108 dengue cases for this year were reported as of Sept 21, up by 1,360 from 10,748 cases as of Aug 24.

                              This is the highest number of cases reported in three years.
                              Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                              The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.