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Paraguayans Want Health Minister Out

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  • Paraguayans Want Health Minister Out

    Congress of Paraguay approves of an "Emergency" for Dengue

    Nota: Babelfish translation with minor changes.
    Original article Aprueba congreso de Paraguay ley de emergencia por dengue
    Congress of Paraguay approve law of emergency for dengue.
    By: Notimex, Tuesday, 27 of February of 2007
    Aedes will remain the alert by 60 days in order to eliminate the plague of the mosquito aegypti that transmits the disease.
    Asuncio'n. The Congress of Paraguay today approved a law project that declares the national emergency situation during next the 60 days, to eliminate plagues of the mosquito aedes aegypti, that transmits the disease of dengue.
    The Senate ratified east Monday the legal initiative, approved Thursday last through the House of Representatives, and it sent it to the Executive authority for his promulgation, although president Nicanor Duarte expressed his discord with the measurement.
    The Paraguayan authorities have registered to the date a total of 13 thousand 400 patients of dengue, although according to estimations of the deprived sector of health, the number would arrive at 60 thousand cases.
    Medical experts denounced journalists who have been stated "unusual and fatal" complications of the classic type of the disease, as a result of which add nine deaths from the 1 of last January.
    "In this epidemic, the most important repercussion of deaths than we are having is not by the hemorr?gica form, but by a visceral call", the pathologist explained Jose Bellasai, who Integra one joins medical that studies the epidemic of this year.
    Bellasai indicated that of 11 practiced autopsies to deceaseds with symptoms of dengue, it verified that nine were because of badly, of which five little presented/displayed visceral a defined habitual modality like dengue, that affects the heart, to the liver and the brain.
    It needed that this febrile state transmitted by the same mosquito presents/displays symptoms different from the one from dengue hemorr?gico, and the picture includes cerebral miocarditis, encefalitis and problems. 15 of January the last, the government of Duarte decreed "alerts epidemiologist" due to the fast diffusion of dengue, with which he gave beginning to prevention campaigns which they did not give the results yearned for by the population.
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    Re: Paraguayans Want Health Minister Out

    Paraguay: Health officer fired amid dengue

    ASUNCION, Paraguay,

    Paraguay has fired its top health official amid a deadly dengue fever outbreak, the ABC Color newspaper reported Tuesday.

    Humberto Recalde was fired following allegations that Paraguayan health officials ordered the use of expired chemicals for the fumigation effort against dengue.

    Earlier this month, Paraguay declared a 60-day state of emergency because of the dengue fever epidemic.

    About 10 people have died and nearly 15,000 others have been diagnosed with the potentially fatal disease spread by mosquito bites.

    Symptoms include muscle fatigue and headaches. The fever usually can be cured in a couple of weeks if caught in time and treated. Neighboring Brazil has also seen a rise in its dengue infection rate.

    Physicians in Paraguay said some victims of the disease died from a powerful strain known as gastric dengue.

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      Re: Paraguayans Want Health Minister Out

      Dengue Affects 400,000 Paraguayans

      Asuncion, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina)
      At least 400,000 are infected with dengue in the Central Department, home to the Paraguayan capital, Governor Francisco Franco said on Thursday.

      According to Franco, 1.6 million people live in the Department, and 20 percent of adults contracted the viral disease in Jan-Mar this year.

      Figures were released during a meeting with Health minister Oscar Martinez to coordinate joint actions to fight Aedes aegypti, the dengue-causing mosquito.

      The Health Ministry, which has been strongly criticized for its handling of the situation, reported the deaths of 12 people so far.