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Iraq: 2022 Crimean-Congo Fever

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      Infections to cholera, Crimean Congo fever top 1,000 cases: Ministry
      Unsafe drinking water during the summertime drought is believed to have fueled the rise in cholera infections.
      Kurdistan 24
      4 Hours

      ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that cholera and Crimean Congo fever infections in Iraq have surpassed 1,000 cases since the beginning of 2022.

      Transmitted via ticks from infected animals, almost 300 cases have been recorded up until now, 55 of which are fatal, according to the official tally released by the ministry’s spokesperson Saif Al-Badr.

      The southern Dhi Qar Governorate is the epicenter of both infections and deaths to hemorrhagic fever, which has a fatality rate of up to 40 percent.

      The Kurdistan Region has five infections during the same period. Only one person died of the virus in Erbil, according to health authorities in the Kurdish city.

      More than 890 cholera infections have similarly been recorded across different Iraqi provinces during the same period, the health official added...


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        Nosebleed Fever Has Hit Iraq
        November 24, 2022Health

        There is no vaccine for influenza, and it can strike swiftly, causing major domestic and internal bleeding, especially from the nose. It is lethal in approximately two of cases, according to doctors.

        Nasiriyah, Iraq: By sprinkling insecticides on a cow, health officials attack blood-sucking worms at the heart of Iraq’s worst-known outbreak of a fever that causes people to die in agony.

        As the Crimean-Congo haemolytic fever spreads from animals to humans, health workers in complete protective gear have become commonplace in Iraq’s countryside.

        Per the Department Of Health ( doh, 111 CCHF incidences in humans have killed 19 persons in Iraq this year.

        There is no vaccine for this disease, and it can hit suddenly, causing major internally and externally bleeding, especially from the nose. It is lethal in up to two-fifths of cases, according to doctors.

        “The number of sicknesses reported is incredible,” said Haidar Hantouche, a health administrator in Dhi Qar province.

        Nearly half of Iraq’s incidences are from this region, which would be a poor farming community in southern Iraq...