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Haiti Cholera 2016: 30k cases with 292 fatalities

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    Red alert for cholera after the passage of Matthew on the South and the Grand'Anse
    South Health Department: 117 cholera cases, including 17 deaths;
    health department of Grand'Anse: 166 cases, including 3 deaths.
    These data show that the water contamination due to
    Hurricane Matthew, were recorded in the
    two geographic departments until Sunday 9
    October 2016, according to a report presented by Dr. Donald Francis,
    national coordinator of the fight against the cholera MSPP,
    at a press briefing held this Monday, October 10, 2016,
    Local MSPP. No cases have been recorded in the
    Nippes and Southeast for now
    again according to Dr. Donald Fran?ois.

    The Chardonni?res and Port-?-Piment in the South department, remain the most common
    affected by the epidemic. In the communal section of Randel (common Chardonni?res)
    62 cases of contamination are recorded with 10 deaths. For the municipality of Port-?-Piment, 40
    cases with 2 deaths were counted. While in the department of Grand'Anse, 72 cases
    counted in the town of Anse-d'Hainault and 40 cases in the town of Jeremie.

    Town communal Section Number of cases Deaths
    The Chardonni?res Randel 62 10
    Port-?-Piment - 40 2
    Anse d'Hainault - 72 -
    Jeremiah - 40 -

    To respond to emergencies, a helicopter was sent to the South Department, Monday
    October 10, 2016, to provide relief inputs. Doctors, and other experts
    Health personnel were also sent to the region to support cases
    of infected persons.

    For Dr. Jocelyne Pierre-Louis, Director at the Directorate
    Health Promotion and Protection of the Environment
    MSPP, three (3) things are unavoidable in this
    and special terrible situation for the people
    the great South: 1. Wash hands with treated water
    before consumption, 2. Treating drinking water,
    3. Use latrines. It is true that all structures
    are destroyed by the cyclone Matthew, but the population
    must redouble its efforts to cut the chain
    transmission, advised Dr. Pierre-Louis.

    Ronald Singer, press MSPP

    Updated to September 25th, 2016

    Total Fatalities: 9,434
    Cumulative hospitalizations: 466,149
    Cumulative cases: 793,873

    In 2016;
    Fatalities: 292
    Hospitalizations: 24,027
    Cases: 30,118
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      Epidemiological Update
      18 October 2016

      In Haiti, a total of 28,559 suspected cholera cases, including 267 related deaths (case fatality
      rate: 0.9%), were reported from EW 1 to EW 37 of 2016.

      The number of cases and deaths
      reported up to EW 37 of 2016 exceeds the number of cases reported in 2014 and the national
      case fatality rate remains as high as reported in 2015; note, the case fatality rate in 2014 was
      higher (1.1%).

      In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew seriously affected the departments of Grand’Anse, Ouest,
      Nord-Ouest, and Sud; this could result in an increase of cholera cases. A statement issued by
      the Haiti Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), following the hurricane, reported that
      as of 9 October 2016, there is a total of 117 (including 17 deaths) cholera cases in the Sud
      department and 166 cases (including 3 deaths) in the Grand’Anse department.3

      Information on the cholera situation and the impact of Hurricane Matthew is updated
      periodically by the Haiti MSPP and is available at:

      Detailed information on the support the Pan American Health Organization / World Health
      Organization (PAHO/WHO) is providing in response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti is available
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      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.