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Cameroon: 2020 Cholera

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  • Cameroon: 2020 Cholera

    Cholera outbreak kills 3 in Cameroon's commercial capital
    Source: Xinhua| 2020-01-24 00:23:33|Editor: huaxia

    YAOUNDE, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Three people have died following an outbreak of cholera in Cameroon's commercial capital Douala, local health authorities said Thursday.

    Officials have also announced 14 confirmed cases out of 21 suspected. The outbreak has so affected Manoka, Boko and Nylon neighbourhoods of Douala...

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    Cameroon / Epidemic: around twenty Cameroonian fishermen suffering from cholera in Londji
    Posted: June 24, 2020 to Updated: June 24, 2020 by Christian Happi add a comment
    To limit the epidemic, health authorities are increasing awareness-raising visits to the field. In particular at the local landing stage.

    The cholera epidemic continues to wreak havoc in Londji, a fishing community located in the second district of Kribi. It’s in the southern region of Cameroon. Since the return of this disease about a month ago, in this locality, the results show 42 suspected cases for 04 dead. Either two new cases were registered in the space of 05 days. This is revealed by our colleagues from Crtv, the Cameroonian public broadcasting organization.

    Among the victims, 20 Cameroonian fishermen and 09 Nigerians. Several families are affected, according to Iatie Nubissie Wife Idjandja, the head of the Londji Integrated Health Center.

    To limit the epidemic, we learned, health and local authorities are increasing awareness-raising visits to the field. In particular at the local landing stage, very popular with traders and other fans of fresh fish. That's not all.

    In health centers, care is effective. But indiscipline persists in the community, according to our source. “The most aware point to disturbing hygienic and sanitary realities. Lack of drinking water, poorly constructed or maintained sanitation, notorious insalubrity among the population ". We quote.

    The onset of cholera in Londji, is also justified by: "The only stream that strews the village serves as latrines for children and even adults ... People defecate in the water while others take their bath". Denounced the newspaper Le Messager on June 10 in its columns.

    Remember that to prevent cholera, you should wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Especially before and after meals and after returning from the toilet. Systematically use latrines or toilets, boil drinking water before consumption ...


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      Cameroon - Cholera: Londji village mourns the dead
      Posted: Jul 7, 2020 to Updated: Jul 7, 2020 by Gustave Epok add a comment
      With 62 confirmed cases for a total of 12 deaths, the cholera epidemic is giving cold sweats to people in the southern region, especially in the ocean department.

      It’s the village Londji, located not far from the city of Kribi, which has been suffering from cholera for a few weeks. Fishermen are hit hard with huge loss of life. According to health authorities in the southern region of the country, "of the 62 cases already known officially, 12 patients passed the gun on the left."
      Origin of the disease in Londji

      We learn that the lack of access to drinking water and the non-respect of basic hygiene rules are at the origin of the outbreak of the epidemic. In this village where people share their daily life with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, open defecation is a tradition. Waste that is dumped into the sea and it is still the same water that is used by the locals. Not far from homes, it is not uncommon to inhale the foul smells of fecal waste. This exposes residents to the cholera epidemic. On July 2, the governor of the South region went to assess the situation in this locality in order to find quick solutions to save the lives of the people.

      On a working visit to this locality, the governor of the southern region calls on the populations to observe the rules of hygiene. F?lix Nguele Nguele urged medical personnel and opinion leaders to sensitize the populations so that they understand the importance of respecting the rules of hygiene. To stop community contamination, the number 1 in the South asked the fishermen of Londji village to move elsewhere. In Londji, the lights are now red and it is important that people understand the magnitude of the danger pending the imminent deployment of officials from the Ministry of Public Health to send vaccines to Kribi.


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        Week 27: 29 June - 5 July 2020
        Data as reported by: 17:00; 5 July 2020

        Cholera Cameroon

        647 Cases
        34 Deaths
        5.3% CFR


        The cholera outbreak in Cameroon is ongoing, affecting
        four regions, Littoral, South West, South and Central
        regions. As of 18 June 2020, there have been a total of
        647 cases and 34 deaths (case fatality ratio 5.3%). Of the
        deaths, a total of 23 have been in treatment centres and 11
        in the community. The Littoral Region is the most affected,
        with a cumulative total of 563 cases, followed by South
        West, with 73 cases, South with 10 cases and Central with
        one case. Littoral Region also has the most deaths, with a
        cumulative total of 30 (case fatality ratio 5.3%), followed by
        South with three deaths and South West, with one death.

        All 31 laboratory samples received from Littoral Region
        were positive for Vibrio cholerae, with one out of three
        from Central Region, one out of one from South West and
        four out of 10 from South Region.

        Among the 563 cases for which age and sex were known,
        in South Region, the median age was 6.5 years (range 17
        months to 53 years) and the male to female ratio is 1:3.
        This differed in Littoral Region, where the median age was
        28 years (range 7 months to 85 years) and the male to
        female ratio was 3:2. In South West, the median age was
        13 years (range 1 year to 79 years) and the male to female
        ratio was 2:1.


        The response to the outbreak is being coordinated by
        the Public Health Emergency Operations Coordination
        Centre, which is in alert mode and who are following
        response activities in the affected regions.

        The humanitarian response by the health pillar in South
        West Region is being led by WHO and there are regular
        meetings to coordinated the response and produce
        national situation reports.

        From 13 to 22 June 2020, there was a mission to
        support the response in South West by the Department
        to Fight Against Illness, Epidemics and Pandemics,
        which evaluated the response in the health zones of
        Tiko, Limb? and Bakassi in the region.

        Surveillance was strengthened in regions at highest
        risk, with notification of suspected cases in Kribi (38)
        and Limb? (46) in South West Region.

        Case management is ongoing with support provided to
        treatment centres in all regions.

        There is ongoing infection prevention and control
        communication around making water safe for drinking,
        hand hygiene and use of latrines


        Cameroon is one of the countries in the WHO African
        Region that is particularly badly affected by COVID-19 and
        the redirection of resources away from outbreaks such as
        cholera to the pandemic is making it difficult to continue to
        mount an effective response. Challenges exist around poor
        data collection in affected areas, along with unstable internet
        and telephone lines for transmission of surveillance reports.
        Additionally, there is insecurity in South West Region, which
        is hampering response activities, along with bad weather.
        Local and national authorities and partners need to ensure
        that COVID-19 response activities take place in collaboration
        with responses to other disease outbreaks. A national plan
        needs to be prepared around the response to cholera in the
        context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
        "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
        -Nelson Mandela


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          Cameroon reports over 980 cholera cases, 45 deaths since beginning of 2020
          By Nyawira Mwangi -
          10 hours ago

          A cholera outbreak has sickened at least 983 people and killed at least 45 in Cameroon since January, health authorities said Thursday.

          The cases and deaths were recorded in four of the 10 Cameroonian regions, authorities said, warning that cases could increase in the rainy season from March through September.

          According to the state-run newspaper Cameroon Tribune, the Littoral Region, where the country’s commercial capital Douala is located, has reported 563 cases so far, the highest caseload among the regions, while the capital Yaounde is the least affected with just three cases...


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            Cameroon: cholera erupts in the city of Obala
            Posted: Jul 14, 2020 to Updated: Jul 14, 2020 by Gustave Epok 1 comment
            The city located less than 25 km from Yaound?, is already recording 3 confirmed cases of the cholera pandemic. Cold sweats in prospect for the authorities.

            The confirmation of the presence of people suffering from cholera in this locality located in the department of Leki? is confirmed by the basic administrative authority. Bernard N’na Mva Ebeme recently expressed his concerns about the situation. The sub-prefect of Obala then asked the populations to respect the instructions and hygiene measures prescribed by the government in order to minimize the spread of the disease.
            The great fear

            The fear of the sub-prefect of Obala is justified by the proximity of its administrative unit to the megalopolis of Yaound? and also by the threat of Covid-19 which remains a reality in force given the devastation. However, another reality imposes itself on all. The fight against cholera requires the provision of quality drinking water to all social strata. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Obala district. Chol?ra and Covid-19 now and freely hover in the locality. Two deadly and devastating diseases that are scary.

            Worrying situation

            For 2018 alone, official figures on the cholera epidemic in Cameroon show a total of 367 cases recorded in the Center, Littoral and North regions. The North region alone had then recorded a total of 291 confirmed cases with 31 deaths. For this year 2020, the epidemic is experiencing a meteoric rise. Faced with the situation, the authorities and its development partners are chorus to block the way for this silent killer. Within health facilities in the country, this is the way to ensure the health security of populations.


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              9 cholera cases reported in Cameroon
              By XINHUA -
              6 hours ago

              Nine cholera cases have been confirmed and one death recorded in Buea, chief town of Southwest region of Cameroon since the declaration of the cholera outbreak last week, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Cameroon said on Wednesday.

              Officials have expressed concerns that the epidemic could spread even more rapidly in the town that is hosting several internally displaced persons escaping from an armed separatist conflict principally in the rural areas of the region...


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                Cameroon: Cholera outbreak kills about 32 in less than one week in Kribi
                Published on 25.09.2020 at 13h46 by journalduCameroun

                Close to 32 persons are reported to have succumbed to cholera in Kribi, South region of Cameroon within a week.

                The information was made known by officials of the kribi health district who have equally indicated that the medical facility has recorded some eight hundred cases of the infectious disease since the outbreak about two months ago.

                According to these health officials, among the close to a thousand cases recorded, four come from the Kribi principal prison which is currently on alert...