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    Measles kills 14 children in Manicaland, mass vaccination launched
    'All provinces are being encouraged to be on high alert and to report any suspected measles'
    ByStaff Reporter
    17:30, 11 May 2022

    HARARE – At least 14 children have succumbed to measles while 72 cases have so far been recorded in Manicaland province’s Mutasa district, the Ministry of Health and Child Care said on Wednesday.

    The viral infection was detected among children aged six months to 15 years in Mutasa district in April.

    “To date, a total of 72 cases and 14 deaths have been reported. Of the reported cases, only nine had been vaccinated while the remainder had not been vaccinated or their vaccination status is unknown,” the ministry of health said in a statement...

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    Health June 17, 2022
    Measles Spreads To Adults In Mutasa District

    Three adults have contracted measles in Mutasa District, Manicaland Province, Mutasa District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr Cephas Fonte has confirmed...

    ...On 13 June, three adults were diagnosed with the infectious disease, among them, a 39-year-old female health worker.

    She had a severe rash, fever, coughing and red eyes and was subsequently hospitalised in isolation at Hauna District Hospital.

    Two other patients, aged 35 and 40, had mild symptoms and were isolated at their respective homes to avoid spreading the infection.

    Dr Fonte said the three victims’ vaccination status was unknown...

    ...400 cases have been reported in the district so far and 38 deaths have been recorded since the disease’s outbreak in April.

    72 252 children have been vaccinated so far, against a target of 74 100.


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      Week 30: 18 to 24 July 2022
      Data as reported by: 17:00; 24 July 2022


      Measles Zimbabwe

      421 cases
      38 Deaths


      The measles outbreak, which has been ongoing in Zimbabwe
      since 10 April 2022, continues, however with a decrease in new
      cases in the past two weeks. The first case was detected after a
      village health worker notified Mutasa District health team of a
      suspected measles community death in Makabvepi village.
      Following the community signal, health workers conducted
      preliminary investigation on 11 April that confirmed another
      suspected death and several children with similar symptoms of
      a body rash. Majority of the suspected cases and the two deaths
      belonged to a religious group that does not accept immunisation.
      The deaths were reported in Guta area, Chidazembe village and
      Marange village, both in Mutasa district. Anecdotal community
      reports also confirmed earlier cases of measles in March 2022.
      Notably, there was a mass gathering which reportedly occurred
      in the first week of April that could have fuelled the spread on
      the bug in an already compromised community with suboptimal
      immunisation coverage.

      A total of 26 blood samples were collected from suspected cases
      between 12–13 April from Roli and Makabvepi village and 13
      samples (33.3%) from the patients were confirmed Measles IgM
      positive and 11 negative for Rubella on 22 April. Subsequently,
      more cases have been reported in the communities and at health
      facilities in Mutasa district, which borders Mozambique to the

      As of 19 July 2022, a total of 421 cases have so far been identified
      in Mutasa District. Of these, 55 (13.0%) are vaccinated against
      measles, 330 (78.4%) are not vaccinated and 36 (8.6%) have
      unknown vaccination status. A total of 38 deaths have so far
      been recorded, yielding a case fatality ratio of 9.0%. Of the 38
      deaths, 29 were unvaccinated, while the nine had an unknown
      vaccination status.

      The age-group between 1-4 years (Attack rate=1.2/1 000
      population) were the most affected while those above 15 years
      were the least affected (Attack rate= 0.01/1 000 population). Of
      the reported cases, 56.0% are males and while 44% are females.
      The ministry of health is currently conducting a reactive measles
      campaign targeting the 6 months to under 15yrs age group with
      a projected population of 78 968 children. Vaccinations are being
      done at all static facilities with support of six mobile teams.
      Vaccine doses were mobilized from provincial vaccine stores and
      additional doses were distributed from the central vaccine stores.


      All districts in Manicaland Province were notified of the
      outbreak and advised to be on high alert and strengthen
      measles surveillance. The districts updated their Epidemic
      Preparedness plan. Response activities are currently
      underway in collaboration with key partners.
      Community surveillance has been strengthened through
      sensitization of all village health workers, village heads and
      community case definitions are being used. Active case
      search is being conducted at all health facilities in the district.
      In response to the outbreak, National, Province and
      District leadership are rolling out a measles vaccination
      campaign in Mutasa district. Measles rubella supplementary
      immunization activities were commenced on the 25 April in
      the northern part of the district where majority of cases were

      The districts have developed their micro-plans and facility
      based outreaches are complementing static facility-based
      vaccination. District mobile outreach teams and health
      facilities have gone further to re-establish outreach points
      with the community.

      Facilities are offering health education to all individuals
      seeking health services simultaneously providing awareness
      on measles outbreak.

      Community engagement meetings have been conducted,
      with community leaders, community/village health
      workers (VHW) and the health care workers. Overall, social
      mobilization activities are ongoing with VHW conducting
      door to door awareness.

      Measles case definitions and case management guidelines
      have been distributed to all health facilities.


      Zimbabwe is having a measles outbreak for the first time in twelve years. Because of COVID-19 restrictions at various points since
      March 2020, access to immunization services for vaccine preventable diseases have been negatively affected with a significant
      drop in measles and other vaccination antigen coverages. According to recently conducted Measles risk assessment, 10 districts
      of 62 are in high risk on population immunity and an additional 20 districts are in medium risk. There has also been unusually high
      numbers of suspected measles cases reported in districts of Hwedza, Makonde, Zvishavane and Centenary. The Ministry of Health is
      currently conducting a mass vaccination in Mutasa district in response to the measles outbreak. Risk communication and community
      engagement remains key to prevention and containment of the outbreak and need for continued implementation of response activities.
      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
      -Nelson Mandela


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        Measles outbreak hits apostolic sect’s shrine
        8th August 2022 Health & Community, Zimbabwe
        By Staff Reporter

        A suspected measles outbreak recently hit an apostolic sect’s shrine in Zhombe, where a number of children reportedly fell ill.

        Although Midlands Provincial Medical Director, Mary Muchekeza declined to comment on the matter, health authorities from Kwekwe district confirmed the recent outbreak.

        Kwekwe Mayor, Future Titora said investigations were ongoing, but the outbreak was confirmed in Zhombe...


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            07:45, 15-Aug-2022
            80 children die in Zimbabwe's measles surge

            A measles outbreak has killed 80 children in Zimbabwe since April, the ministry of health has said in a statement seen by Reuters on Sunday.

            "The ministry of health and child care wishes to inform the public that the ongoing outbreak of measles which was first reported on 10th of April has since spread nationwide following church gatherings," Health Secretary Jasper Chimedza said in a statement...


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              More Than 150 Children Dead in Zimbabwe Measles Outbreak
              August 16, 2022 4:57 PM
              Agence France-Presse

              A measles outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed at least 157 children, with more than 2,000 infections reported across the country, the government said Tuesday.

              Cases have been growing rapidly in the southern African nation since authorities said the first infection was logged earlier this month, with reported deaths almost doubling in less than a week.

              "As of 15 August, the cumulative figure across the country has risen to 2,056 cases and 157 deaths," Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said, briefing journalists after a weekly Cabinet meeting...


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                  Measles outbreak claims over 100 unvaccinated children in Mash West alone – Health official
                  2nd September 2022 Zimbabwe
                  By James Muonwa I Mashonaland West Correspondent

                  SOME 113 children have so far succumbed to the measles outbreak in Mashonaland West province, a senior Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) official has revealed.

                  Speaking during the official opening of Catholic-built clinic, RSHM Life Care Centre in Chinhoyi Thursday, provincial medical director, Gift Masoja said all recorded casualties were of unvaccinated children.

                  “Unfortunately as a province we have so far lost 113 children to measles, and all of them were unvaccinated against the disease” said Masoja...


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                    Measles death toll now 648
                    By Staff Writer
                    3 September, 2022

                    AT LEAST 648 people have died from measles since the disease first broke out in April this year, statistics from the ministry of Health and Child Care show.

                    As of Thursday this week, the country had recorded 5 843 cases, 1 575 of which were people who had been vaccinated and 3 402 unvaccinated, while the status of 769 was not known.

                    Of the total recorded cases, 4 212 were treated and discharged after attending health institutions, 983 were still admitted, while 647 cases were in communities. At least 108 new cases were recorded countrywide on Thursday with Manicaland accounting for 38, Mashonaland East 29, Midlands, 21, Matabeleland South 13 and Harare 7.

                    Most of the measles cases are occurring in the eastern part of the country with Manicaland Province, which has a large concentration of religious sects that do not believe in vaccination, having 2 737...


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                      Zimbabwe Says Measles Outbreak Has Killed 700 Children
                      September 05, 2022 9:31 PM
                      Associated Press

                      Harare, Zimbabwe —

                      The death toll from a measles outbreak in Zimbabwe has risen to almost 700 children, the country's health ministry has said.

                      Some are calling for the enactment of legislation to make vaccination mandatory in a country where anti-modern medicine religious sects hold sway on large swathes of the population of 15 million people.

                      The southern African country's health ministry announced at the weekend that 698 children have died from measles since the outbreak started in April.

                      The ministry said 37 of the deaths occurred on a single day on Sept. 1. The health ministry said it had recorded 6,291 cases by Sept. 4...


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                        Zimbabwe measles deaths soar to 704
                        Published: September 20, 20222:54 am
                        Author cajnews
                        from DANAI MWARUMBWA in Harare, Zimbabwe
                        Zimbabwe Bureau

                        HARARE, (CAJ News) – THE death toll in Zimbabwe’s measles outbreak has risen to more than 700.

                        Statistics by government indicate that 704 children have died from the disease since it was first reported in April.

                        The deaths have been documented from more than 5 800 cases.

                        Indications are that of more cases and deaths as the figures are as of September 6.

                        The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has allocated CHF 260 658 (US$272 509) to assist government efforts to tackle the outbreak.

                        The assistance is to benefit 50 400 children in Gokwe and Mutare in the Midlands and Manicaland provinces respectively.

                        Manicaland, in the east, is the epicentre...


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                          WEEKLY BULLETIN ON OUTBREAKS
                          AND OTHER EMERGENCIES

                          Week 38: 12 - 18 September 2022
                          Data as reported by: 17:00; 18 September 2022


                          Measles Zimbabwe

                          6 444 cases
                          698 Deaths
                          11% CFR

                          EVENT DESCRIPTION

                          Zimbabwe’s current measles epidemic was reported on 10 April
                          2022. A total of 6 444 cases with 4 580 recoveries and 698 deaths
                          have been reported since the onset of the outbreak with a case
                          fatality rate of 11%.

                          All 10 provinces in the country have been affected with the highest
                          number of cases reported from Manicaland 3 037 (47.0%),
                          Mashonaland west 856 (13.3%), Mashonaland East 738 (11.5%)
                          and Masvingo 403 (6.3%). Matabeleland North, Bulawayo,
                          and Matabeleland South have recorded cases below 100 while
                          Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and Harare have not recorded any
                          deaths of measles since the onset of the outbreak.

                          Males represent more than half (53.0%) of the total amount of
                          cases. The vaccination status of the cases show 25.0% (1 606)
                          vaccinated and 58.0% (3 677) unvaccinated. Administrative
                          vaccination coverage at the national level is estimated at 85.0%
                          for the first dose.

                          Most cases occurred during the month of August 2022 but has
                          been relatively calm recently due to a supplemental immunization
                          campaign conducted during this period. The country is in
                          the process of administering measles vaccine and vitamin A
                          supplement to children 6 - 59 months as part of the strategies to
                          contain the measles outbreak. Matabeleland South implemented
                          the SIA campaign from the 5 September 2022.

                          PUBLIC HEALTH ACTIONS

                          The Ministry of Health and collaborating partners have
                          implemented a response plan with specific activities to control
                          the outbreak:

                          Supported the establishment of coordination mechanisms at
                          district level, coordination meetings are held regularly for the
                          ongoing monitoring of trends and feedback from partners.
                          In response to the outbreak, National, Province and District
                          leadership rolled-out measles vaccination campaigns.

                          Measles and rubella supplementary immunization activities
                          (SIA) were commenced beginning 25 April 2022.

                          The affected districts have activated local response plans to
                          confirm suspected rumours.

                          Supported the provincial and district surveillance teams on
                          data analyses and reporting including field investigations,
                          sample collection and testing.

                          Active case search and line listing of cases is still ongoing
                          with the support of partners.

                          Weekly surveillance and laboratory data harmonization is

                          Transportation of laboratory samples from districts all over
                          the country to the national level continues.

                          SITUATION INTERPRETATION

                          The measles outbreak in Zimbabwe begun in March and peaked
                          in August 2022, with majority of cases reported in August
                          2022. Laboratory capacity needs to be strengthened and further
                          developed at subnational levels and in addition, case management,
                          risk communication, and reactive vaccination efforts must be
                          boosted to control the measles outbreak. Without these essential
                          public health components, the outbreak in Zimbabwe may
                          continue to smoulder.

                          "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                          -Nelson Mandela


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                            Govt ‘concealing’ real measles situation: Experts
                            Local News
                            By Sharon Buwerimwe | Oct. 1, 2022 | 2 Min read

                            HEALTH experts are concerned that government might be “hiding” statistics on measles cases and fatalities after the Health and Child ministry suddenly stopped releasing information on the disease. The ministry has not also announced whether the disease was now under control or not. Government last released the statistics on September 4 when measles deaths topped 698.

                            Health and Child Care ministry spokesperson Donald Mujiri, however, said the ministry was not hiding any statistics.

                            “It’s not true that we don’t have enough equipment to trace the disease. We are not announcing any statistics because we don’t have any cases yet. We will release the information in due course,” Mujiri said on Thursday when contacted for comment.

                            But health experts, who spoke to NewsDay Weekender, said government might be failing to release the latest measles statistics due to lack of equipment to monitor the disease.

                            Medical and Dental Private Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe president Johannes Marisa said there were few laboratories with resources to trace the disease.