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    Cameroon: Over 200 cases of measles, four deaths recorded in few weeks
    Published on 22.06.2021 at 16h38 by journal du Cameroun

    214 cases of measles, four deaths and 1,347 suspected cases have been recorded in few weeks in seven out of Cameroon’s ten regions with the localities of Yokadouma in the East and Ntui in the Centre as most hard hit.

    This information was revealed by officials of the Expanded Immunization Programme last weekend after an analysis of the country’s measles epidemiological situation.

    According to the report presented by the programme, the districts of Ntui, Mfou and Cite Verte in the Centre region counts 43 cases, Bankim Ngaoundal and Banyo in the Adamawa region counts 37 cases, 18 cases in Malentouen and Foumban in the West region, 16 cases in Maga, Mogode and Koussseri in the Far North, ten cases in Edea, Littoral, 9 in the South, 5 in the North, 7 in the South West and 4 in the North West.

    The East region tops the chart of infections with 96 cases recorded in the localities of Yokadouma, Bertoua and Moloundou...

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    Week 41: 4 - 10 October 2021
    Data as reported by: 17:00; 10 October 2021

    Measles Cameroon

    380 Cases
    8 Death
    2.1% CFR


    A measles outbreak has been ongoing in Cameroon since the
    beginning of 2021. The affected health districts are from seven
    regions of Adamaoua, Centre, East, Far-North, Littoral, Northwest
    and West. The regions hosting refugee camps and internally
    displaced persons (IDPs) have the highest number of affected
    health districts: eight health districts in the Far-North region; five
    health districts in East region and three health districts in Adamawa

    A total of 380 measles cases including 214 confirmed positive for
    IgM, 158 clinically compatible and eight deaths (Case Fatality Ratio
    (CFR) = 2.1%) were reported from week 1 to week 38 (ending 26
    September 2021) 2021. The overall attack rate is 1.4 per 100.000
    population. A total of 23 health districts are currently experiencing a
    measles outbreak, including 21 with a confirmed outbreak and two
    with a suspected outbreak.

    The peak of the reported cases was reached at week 12 (ending 28
    March 2021). The last death among cases was registered in week 18
    (ending 9 May 2021). Most of the cases, (73.4%) 279 are between 9
    months and 9 years old followed by the age group under 9 months
    with 40 cases (10.5%). The most affected region is the East region
    with an attack rate of 7.3 per 100.000 population followed by the
    regions of Adamaoua 5.3 per 100.000 population and Far-North
    region 1.6 per 100.000 population.

    Among the affected districts, 73.9% (15/23) carried out an in-depth
    investigation of the notified cases. Of the 23 health districts with
    an ongoing outbreak, only four (17.4%) have reached at least 80%
    of their targeted children (9-59 months old) vaccinated against
    measles from January to August 2021. Eight of the 23 (34.8%)
    health districts with an outbreak have less than 50% of routine
    immunization coverage rate for measles first dose, while (69.6%)
    16 out of 23 health districts in outbreak have less than 50% of
    routine immunization coverage rate for the measles second dose.
    Thus far, only five affected health districts (21.7%) have organized
    tangible response activities.


    Close follow up from the central level of the MoH for activities
    carried out in the affected health districts is ongoing as well as
    encouraging all affected health districts to carry out in-depth
    case investigations

    Local response carried out in five affected health districts of
    Bankim, Ngaoundal, Batouri, Lomié and Moloundou
    Monitoring and training of the affected health districts on
    outbreak reporting and microplanning for the response is

    Regular updates of the measles databases and dashboards for
    effective monitoring of the affected health districts continues

    The preparations for outbreak response in the affected health
    districts that have not yet organized any response is underway.


    The frequent measles outbreaks in Cameroon could be attributed
    to the low immunization coverage against the disease. Among all
    the currently affected health districts, none of them has achieved
    the target coverage rate for complete routine immunization against
    measles as recommended by the national immunization program
    (≥ 80%). More to that, the delays in case investigations as well
    as response activities in the affected health districts are also
    affecting the overall capacity to control this outbreak. The regions
    hosting refugees and IDP camps have recorded higher attack rates
    compared to other affected regions. In addition, the Covid-19
    pandemic has impacted health systems of most African countries
    including Cameroon.


    Routine measles immunization for children, combined with
    reactive mass immunization campaigns, are key public health
    strategies to reduce the measles cases and deaths. It is
    therefore essential to improve vaccination coverage to reduce
    the risk of future outbreaks. The required resources and efforts
    should be deployed to achieve the goals of the national measles
    immunization program.

    Weaknesses already identified around case investigation,
    response and epidemiological surveillance for measles need
    to be addressed.

    More attention should be given to health districts hosting
    refugees and IDP camps the living conditions in these settings
    is a significant factor of the rapid spread of measles.
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela