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    Posted: 8:45am Friday 18 Jan, 2019
    Measles outbreak declared in the Waikato

    The Waikato District Health Board has declared a measles outbreak and is urging people in the region to get immunised.

    The District Health Board has been notified of six cases of measles in the last week, with two of those cases going back to late December.

    The DHB's chief medical officer of health, Dr Richard Hoskins says the DHB had been working with the families to find out where they might have contracted measles from...

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    Measles cases in Bay of Plenty not linked to Waikato outbreak: DHB
    18:22, Jan 21 2019

    Two confirmed measles cases in the Bay of Plenty are in people who had been overseas, public health experts say.

    However, they're not linked to an outbreak in the Waikato, where there were six confirmed cases across two households.

    Over the Kaimai Ranges, two cases of measles were confirmed in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes district, Sunlive reported...


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      Saturday, 23 February 2019
      Officials race to identify measles patient's contacts
      By Mike Houlahan

      Public health officials are scrambling to trace the movements of a University of Otago student after the young woman was diagnosed as having measles.

      The woman (18) lives in a flat rather than a hall of residence.

      "Public Health South is working to identify all close contacts, determining their immunisation status and offering vaccination,'' Southern District Health Board medical officer of health Susan Jack said.

      Those close contacts were about a dozen people, but with Orientation in full swing health officials were keen to trace the woman's contacts as soon as possible...


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        Three new cases of measles confirmed in Rangiora and Christchurch
        Kim Nutbrown 17:33, Feb 26 2019

        ...Canterbury medical officer of health Dr Ramon Pink said on Tuesday afternoon there were three new confirmed cases of measles from Rangiora and Christchurch.

        He said a teenage boy, a man and a woman in her 40s were all found to have the highly infectious virus.

        Two of the people confirmed to have measles were admitted to Christchurch Hospital. One of the patients had been "very sick" but was improving while the other was due to be released "shortly", Pink said.

        None of the three cases had been immunised. It was unclear where and how the three received the virus...


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          Fourth measles case confirmed in Canterbury outbreak
          OLIVER LEWIS19:02, Feb 27 2019

          A teenager from Rangiora in North Canterbury is the latest person to contract the disease. The case was confirmed on Wednesday by the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB).

          Health authorities on Tuesday confirmed three people in Rangiora and Christchurch had contracted measles: a teenager and a man and a woman in their 40s...


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            3:06 pm today
            Measles case confirmed in Auckland

            Auckland Regional Public Health Service says a person with measles attended Clendon Medical Centre on 19, 20, and 21 February.

            They were also assessed at Middlemore Hospital Emergency Department about 5pm on 21 February.

            The service said it would be contacting all patients who were at those places and might have been exposed.

            It was also asking anyone who was at either place on those dates to be aware of the symptoms of measles.

            They include a high fever, runny nose, cough and sore, red eyes, followed by a rash behind the ears and spreading to the whole body.

            Anyone travelling overseas is also urged to be up to date with the MMR immunisation.

            On Tuesday, a measles outbreak was confirmed in Canterbury after three people were reported to have contracted the disease.

            Canterbury DHB said it was awaiting test results for more suspected cases.

            The outbreak comes one week after a university student in Dunedin contracted the disease.

            However, the Southern DHB said no new cases have been confirmed in Otago since then...


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              Canterbury measles outbreak: Five people now infected

              A preschooler from Rangiora has become the fifth person to contract measles in Canterbury this week.

              The District Health Board confirmed the case this afternoon after confirming an outbreak of the disease in the region on Tuesday.

              Four other people from Rangiora and one from Christchurch have contracted the highly contagious disease.

              The four infected people include a teenage boy, man and two women - all of whom were unvaccinated...


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                Canterbury measles count reaches seven as two new cases confirmed
                Tom Kitchin20:00, Mar 04 2019

                A further two people in Canterbury have contracted measles, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to seven.

                A woman in her 40s and a 13-month old toddler from Christchurch were diagnosed with the disease, Canterbury medical officer of health Dr Ramon​ Pink said on Monday...


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                  Measles cases in Canterbury up to 14, with that number likely to rise, health officials warn

                  The number of measles cases in Canterbury has gone up to 14, with health officials warning that number is likely to rise.

                  That's up from 10 just two days ago. The Canterbury District Health Board says it can be assumed measles is now circulating widely in the community...


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                    Canterbury measles cases climb to 15, vaccine supplies run low
                    1 NEWS

                    There are fears the measles outbreak in Canterbury could get worse with vaccine supplies running dangerously low.

                    More stock is being shipped from Auckland to deal with the demand.

                    Fifteen people in the area are now confirmed to have measles...


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                      Another measles case confirmed in Canterbury brings total number to 16 cases
                      Cate Broughton12:30, Mar 09 2019

                      Canterbury health authorities have confirmed another case of measles bringing the total number to 16.

                      The case, confirmed on Saturday, was a man aged in his 40s from North Canterbury, a spokeswoman from the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) said...


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                        Measles outbreak continues to grow in Canterbury
                        Author Newstalk ZB,
                        Publish Date Sunday, 10 March 2019, 9:21a.m.

                        The Canterbury District Health Board are buying in fresh supplies of the measles vaccine as the outbreak continues to grow.

                        The number of measles cases in Canterbury isn't expected to slow anytime soon.

                        There are now 20 confirmed cases in the region.

                        The DHB says 18,000 doses of the vaccine are due to arrive this week, and it'll be ordering ordering more...


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                          New Zealand measles outbreak worst 'in years' with 22 cases confirmed
                          Third-largest city Christchurch affected as authorities admit disease is ‘circulating widely’ amid vaccine shortage

                          A measles outbreak on the south island of New Zealand is causing serious concern, with 22 confirmed cases and emergency supplies of vaccine being rushed from around the country.

                          Amid the worst outbreak “in years”, health officials have warned cases will spread in the coming days and weeks, as around one-fifth of people living in the affected Canterbury region have not had their full suite of vaccinations, or any at all.

                          “It can now be assumed that measles is circulating widely in our community,” the Canterbury District Health Board said in a statement...


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                            Twenty-five measles cases now confirmed in Canterbury
                            Canterbury DHB Monday, 11 March 2019, 9:58 pm
                            Press Release: Canterbury District Health Board

                            The number of confirmed cases of measles in Canterbury now stands at twenty-five and is likely to rise further over the coming days and weeks. It can now be assumed that measles is circulating widely in our community.

                            Under-immunised people who come within two metres of an infectious person, however briefly, have a 90% chance of contracting measles...


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                              Thursday, 14 March 2019
                              Measles prompts warning for Crusaders fans
                              By Chris Morris

                              Crusaders rugby fans are being urged to stay away from Forsyth Barr Stadium if they are sick this weekend, after a second case of measles was confirmed in Dunedin yesterday.

                              SDHB medical officer of health Marion Poore said the second case was confirmed late on Tuesday and involved a Christchurch visitor to Dunedin.

                              The patient was no longer infectious, but authorities were still working to trace some of the 30 people believed to have come into contact with them - 14 of whom might need to be isolated, Dr Poore said.

                              With Crusaders rugby fans heading to Dunedin for this weekend's Super Rugby clash with the Highlanders, Dr Poore advised those with symptoms of illness to stay at home.

                              A crowd of more than 20,000 was expected, and about 5% of tickets already sold had gone to Crusaders supporters, a Highlanders spokesman said.

                              There were also two confirmed measles cases in Auckland...