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Romania: 2016-18 Measles

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    Dramatic situation in Romania. The number of measles cases has reached 2,015

    THE ST ? JANUARY 6, 2017 ? 2:11 P.M.

    A total of 2,015 cases of measles were confirmed by Friday, our country also recorded 11 deaths from the disease , says the website of the National Institute of Public Health.

    According to INSP, of the 11 deaths, five were in Arad, Timis County 3, two in Maharashtra and one in Bucharest.

    The more than 2,000 cases of measles were recorded in 33 counties.

    Arad recorded in most cases of illnesses - 473.

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  • Shiloh

    City in Western Romania sees serious measles outbreak
    5 Jan 2017
    by Romania Insider

    The representatives of the Timisoara Hospital for Infectious Diseases ?Victor Babes?, in Western Romania, expect the measles outbreak in that region to get worse.

    Some 124 children with measles were admitted into the hospital in December, and in the first three days of the year, another 30 new patients were let in. The youngest is only six weeks old, reports local Agerpres. In 2016, the hospital treated 364 measles cases.

    The measles vaccine was previously done at the age of 13 months, but the Health Ministry changed the protocol and the vaccine is now carried out at 11 months...

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    In Timis measles epidemic! Dozens of children hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, one ward adults

    By Adrian Panduru 3. January 2017 at 1:49 p.m. 15
    Dozens of children are hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Hospital "Victor Babes" Timisoara, suspected measles or measles. Most of them are children aged over one year and for their wards have become overcrowded. They found places for children with measles in adult wards.

    Now, in Timisoara, the Infectious Diseases Hospital, 30 children are hospitalized with measles or suspecting that they have this disease. Suspicion means in medical terms, that the disease has not been confirmed by laboratory in Bucharest, but the symptoms associated with this disease are present.

    "We have 30 cases of suspected measles. Confirm by serology to be sent to Bucharest. The cases occurred in patients who had contact with measles. It measles epidemic. In the last month we have had many cases operate at full capacity. Basically not much we have places available. We found solutions, hospitalize them on ward adults and hospitalize them on other sections.

    Most of the hospitalized children were not vaccinated. Last year I had measles in January, now instead is epidemic. Most children hospitalized are older than a year, but we have children under one year, "said Dr. Virgil Musta, spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Hospital Timisoara.

    Most of the hospitalized children were vaccinated against measles. Are hospitalized and children who were vaccinated, but they do measles because of low immunity and the disease is milder.

    Doctors recommend vaccinating children against this virus.

    As symptoms, you should go to the doctor when the baby has a fever, the rash appears, which is a widespread rash that initially appears on the face, and appears inflammation of all mucous membranes - red eyes, runny nose or stuffy neck red is intense, dry cough and sputum initially and then, all accompanied by loose stools.

    Two children died in 2016 due to measles in Timis county.

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    ALARMING! New cases of measles! In total there are over 1,700 sick

    Author: Dana Lascu | Tuesday, December 20, 2016 |

    Hundreds of children under one year arrived at the hospital with measles this year.

    Another baby ten months, sick with measles, arrived Sunday night at County Hospital Craiova. Meanwhile, Braila a baby of 5 years was hospitalized urgently and in Suceava, three children up to one year arrived at the hospital. Ministry of Health speaks of a measles epidemic because the number of illnesses reached 1,725 ​​confirmed cases and 7 deaths there, including 3 children under one year of age.

    In Craiova, the baby arrived at the hospital Sunday night. "The child came to us Sunday night in serious condition. He had respiratory failure and blood oxygen saturation 75%. He was admitted to the ICU, I isolated so as to not endanger other patients admitted in this ward. I put the oxygen and stabilized, "said dr. Bogdan FANUTA manager County Hospital Craiova, the Gazeta de Sud. On Monday, the child was moved to the Department of Pediatrics. Admitted in an isolated salon, where at the moment is still a baby ten months with measles, the village in Dolj Amărăşti. It got to the hospital last week, and now his health is better. Craiova, just days ago, a little girl aged one year in Craiova died from complications due to measles, in Dolj publication notes.

    Braila, a baby 5 and a half months was diagnosed with measles . The little one was not vaccinated, but is now in stable condition, under medical supervision, Braila Objective notes. The child was brought to Braila County Hospital by his mother and doctors of Infectious Diseases confirmed that it is measles. Because the state did not allow him to be treated at the Infectious and respiratory complications have as little, he was hospitalized in Pediatrics. The child's mother was also diagnosed with measles, a disease that took her from the little guy. As we said hospital spokesman Dr. Alina Neacsu, the two patients are isolated in a ward, under superior protection. If not imposed quarantine in the hospital unit, also notes journalists from Braila.

    And in Suceava number of cases has increased dramatically. If at the end of September, the county of Suceava were confirmed 27 cases of measles, their number is continuously increasing, currently records to infectious diseases 40 children diagnosed with measles. Last diagnosed patients are children aged nine and 11 months and one year. Noted that small Suceava patients diagnosed with measles were not vaccinated against the disease, notes

    Authorities consider the situation as "epidemic"!

    Ministry of Health, together with experts from the World Health Organization, National Institute of Public Health, National Society of Family Medicine and UNICEF, has developed and implemented an action plan on limiting the epidemic of measles, after the number of illnesses reached 1,725 ​​confirmed cases and 7 deaths there, including 3 children under one year of age.

    1. The first step is lowering the age of vaccination with MMR vaccine first dose at 9 months, in accordance with international action in case of epidemic and the provisions of Product Characteristics, because the main feature of the current measles epidemic that affects children is under the age of one year (the incidence rate is 68.8 / 100,000). Therefore, children vaccinated earlier under this provision will then be vaccinated according to the National Programme on Immunization at 12 months and five years old.

    2. The recommendation of WHO experts is to achieve as quickly recovering from the age group of children under five who have no vaccine dose and children in the age group 5-9 years who have two doses of MMR according to the National Vaccination Calendar.

    3. To implement these measures, family physicians began catagrafierea eligible children between 9 months and 9 years fully vaccinated with MMR and those aged between 5 and 9 years that a single dose of vaccine. In addition, where possible, community workers and health workers have already started convening the offices children.

    4. MMR vaccine stocks are sufficient at this point, for additional vaccinations and for the term. Thus, at the national level are available in around 300 thousand doses of MMR vaccine.

    According to the latest data from the National Center for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases at the moment they are confirmed cases in 32 counties. Most are in Arad (454), Caras-Severin (258), Mures (238) and Timis (240).

    "Limiting measles epidemic can not do than by parents who understand the responsibility they have to protect their children against this disease which can kill or harm life. The vaccine is only effective weapon that can fight against this serious disease. The Ministry of Health advises parents to contact family doctors for children to vaccination schedule as soon as possible. Family doctors and parents who want to find accurate information about the vaccine and vaccination can access the page ", informs the Ministry of Health.

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    Measles epidemic spreads. Doctors confirmed the emergence of a new case in Dolj. Balance rises to seven deaths

    THE AMP ? DECEMBER 16, 2016 ? 12:30

    UPDATE: Doctors confirmed the emergence of a new case of measles in Dolj county. An eight-month baby is in very serious condition in hospital. Just like a year when the girl, who died in Craiova, the child has not been vaccinated.

    Measles epidemic spreads. Seven people have died since the beginning until now. The latest victim is a 14 year old boy, unvaccinated, who died at the Matei Bals Hospital in Bucharest. It is possible that balance to rise to 8 victims, but in this case is still pending test results.

    It is about a girl just one year, from Craiova, who died of measles still possible. The child was not vaccinated and recently returned from Italy. Her four brothers are also in danger. All symptoms of measles and even one is not vaccinated.

    More and more parents refuse to immunize their children, and as the vaccination rate decreases, the higher the rate of illness. From the beginning, almost 1,500 were diagnosed with measles Romanian and the most affected were children aged up to four years. Targu Mures, one of the cities with high incidence of measles, a woman tells how her two children came into contact with unvaccinated cousin. Now one is already sick of measles and the other, a baby 7 months, is in danger.

    Doctors and authorities say that vaccination could stop the epidemic that killed seven people this year. Last year, Romanian seven were diagnosed with measles and even one death.

    Measles EPIDEMIC: new confirmed case - a one year old girl died. Balance: 8 children lost their lives

    Friday, December 16, 2016 5:54 p.m. Source: REALITATEA.NET

    Cantacuzino Institute confirmed Friday the death by measles, if the one-year girl was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital and then transferred to the Craiova Emergency Hospital in the same locality, inform . The death toll from the disease reached eight.

    "Today, December 16, Cantacuzino Institute informed that as result of sample test serum and the fragment of lung positive for measles, if the child in Dolj County. The number of deaths confirmed caused by measles reached eight," explains Ministry of Health, which has launched a campaign pentrtu reduce illness by expanding catagrafierea vacinării and those who have not been immunized.

    The girl in Dolj had not been vaccinated against measles and was not even registered with a GP, said Florin Stancu, Director of Social Assistance and Child Protection Dolj.

    "The girl was not registered with a GP and had not been vaccinated against the disease (no - measles), but the vaccine is not mandatory. The other four children were taken to the doctor for my colleagues and one of them was hospitalized with suspected measles. Children seem well cared for by grandmother. failed to sit too long talking to it being very affected by the death of his niece. We welcome parents went to Italy to discuss with them about the situation of the small, "said Florin Stancu

    girl diagnosed with measles was brought Monday night at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases "Victor Babes" Craiova and Tuesday there were complications.

    "It was confirmed measles and Tuesday there were complications. A pneumonia, the condition is serious. It was decided to transport County Hospital, because we do not have intensive care unit," said Constantin Ecobici, spokesman Infectious Diseases hospital "Victor Babes" Craiova.

    The girl died in the ambulance while being transported from the Infectious Diseases Hospital Emergency County Hospital of Craiova, although doctors tried to resuscitate tens of minutes.

    Representatives of the Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Dolj began an investigation, given that the girl had five brothers, aged five and nine.

    "We started checks which means that children's rights in the family, mainly the right to health. We want to see if he attended family doctor if he was taken to the family doctor, "said Florin Stancu, Director DGASPC Dolj.

    The girl lived with deceased brothers and grandmother in a house in Craiova, parents will return to the country they worked in Italy.

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  • Shiloh

    Romanian Ministry of Health lowers vaccination age to limit measles outbreak
    16 Dec 2016
    by Irina Popescu

    Romania?s Ministry of Health, together with experts of the World Health Organization, the National Institute of Public Health, the National Society of Family Medicine, and UNICEF, has developed and implemented an action plan on limiting the measles outbreak in Romania.

    The ministry announced on Friday that the number of measles cases recorded this year has increased to 1,725 in Romania, with seven deaths being confirmed, including three children under 1. This means that the number of cases has increased by 790 since late-October this year.

    One of the measures refers to lowering the age of vaccination for administering the first vaccine dose from one year to nine months. Children vaccinated earlier under this provision will then be vaccinated according to the National Immunization Programme at 12 months and five years...

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  • Shiloh

    Romanian health authorities confirm six deaths from measles
    新华社 2016-10-29 07:55:58

    BUCHAREST, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Romanian Health Ministry on Friday confirmed a total of 935 cases of measles and six deaths from the disease, a press release from the ministry said.

    Measles cases have been recorded in 29 of Romania's 41 counties, as well as in the capital city, said the release.

    In 2015, there were only seven cases of measles in the country...

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    30 September 2016 at 5:13 pm | Health News Live

    Measles epidemic! Over 700 confirmed cases of measles this year in Romania

    Measles epidemic in Romania! From the beginning and until 09/30/2016, they have been confirmed in Romania 730 cases of measles. Three deaths were reported by measles.

    Cases of measles were recorded in the following 25 counties:

    Mures 1 - 163

    2. BISTRIŢA - 128

    3. ARAD - 123

    4. CLUJ - 90

    5. TIMI - 75

    6. SUCEAVA - 31

    7 Brasov - 31

    8. CARAȘ SEVERIN ? 30

    9. HUNEDOARA - 17

    10. SĂLAJ - 8

    11. ALBA ? 5

    12. Iasi - 5

    13. BACĂU - 3

    14. CONSTANȚA ? 3

    15. Sibiu - 3

    16. BUCHAREST - 3

    17. D?MBOVIŢA - 2

    18 Neamt - 2

    19. OLT - 2

    20. BIHOR - 1

    21. DOLJ - 1

    22. Giurgiu - 1

    23. HARGHITA - 1

    24. MEHEDINŢI - 1

    25. Vaslui - 1

    Most cases are outbreaks in communities with low vaccine coverage. As outbreaks intervention actions were organized vaccination ORR incompletely vaccinated or unvaccinated children.

    Call the Ministry of Health to parents is to respect the MMR vaccination schedule for children's health. In the affected areas, the National Institute of Public Health recommends vaccinating children at the age of 7 months with restoration of normal vaccine at the age of 1 year. Also, remember that there are enough doses of vaccine for all children who require immunization.

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  • Shiloh
    Health Ministry reports third child measles death in Romania
    Friday, September 23, 2016

    Health Ministry on Thursday announced that the Cantacuzino Institute has confirmed a third child suspected of measles has died of the illness...

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic Romania: 2016-18 Measles

    Romania: 2016-18 Measles


    Romania sees measles outbreak due to anti-vaccination campaign
    21 Sep 2016
    by Romania Insider

    Romania registered 675 measles cases in the first eight months of this years which have led to two infant deaths. Moreover, a third death possibly determined by the virus needs to be confirmed, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday, September 21.

    ?Compared to 2015, the increase is more than alarming. Last year there have been only 7 confirmed cases of measles and none of them resulted in death,? the Ministry of Health representatives said in a Facebook post...